Get Your S**t Together Helps You Organise Documents Before You Die

Planning for death isn't exactly fun to think about, but if you want the people you care about to have an easier time if something should happen to you, gathering all your critical documents is essential. Get Your Sh*t Together! is here to help.

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The site offers templates and checklists for essential documents such as your will and all the nitty gritty details your loved ones should know about, such as important passwords and life insurance.

GYST was born, unfortunately, from tragedy: the site's owner, Chanel, lost her husband in an accident and experienced extra pain and stress finding important information disorganised or missing.

Do yourself and those you love a favour and spend a little time getting everything streamlined, whether you use GYST's templates or our own in-case-of-emergency templates.

GYST! [via Boing Boing]


    Great post. This is a very REAL consideration that, unfortunately, many many people will only find out about when it happens to them. I need to do this. We all do. It's up to us, the technology-aware to show the way for the blissfully unaware.

    I know myself that many sites and services I use to run my life have TNO (trust no one) security, meaning the passwords, encryption keys, or other access vectors are known ONLY to me. There is simply NO option to "recover password" etc. If I get in the car shortly, as I'm about to do, to go shopping and get wiped out by someone on the road... my stuff is GONE along with me. My family has NO opportunity to ever get that (very important) information.

    It's a real balancing act / trade-off between having the ultimate security of TNO security for the deeply important and sensitive information in my life. And opening the slightest crack to let someone else have access to that ONLY if and when the time come.

    It's a fascinating and important discussion...

    Ironic timing. A close friend of ours has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. No point denying the inevitable so things like this might actually help the coping process.

    And it will go nowhere because who wants to deal with such a no-class site name like that when dealing with the very sensitive topic of your legacy after death? I agree it is an important discussion but this isn't the way to win people over.

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