Want A Contract IT Role? Learn SAP, Business Analysis Or SQL

Working as an IT contractor can be rewarding, but you have to match your skills to what's currently in demand. According to the most recent SkillsMatch research by the Information Technology Contract and Recruitment Association (ITCRA), there's a serious mismatch between the most frequently offered skills and what employers are actually looking for.

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The table below shows the top 10 skills in demand, and the top 10 skills available from contractors seeking work. Only five skills appear in both columns.

Top 10 Skills In Demand Top 10 Skills On Offer
Project Management Active Directory
Infrastructure Project Management
SAP Infrastructure
Business Analysis Cisco
Active Directory Account Management
SQL Change Management
Testing C++
Java Java
Development C#

The lesson here? SAP, business analysis and SQL seem like good areas to skill up in if you want contracting work.


    Great to hear, I have these skills. I am currently based in Sydney.


    Also, "Development" of what?

    What is Business Analysis?

    What's SQL?


    SAP in demand?
    Not if you ask a lot of consultants currently looking for work. Or any of the recruitment agencies having very few jobs. Or the mining companies cutting back due to strong AUD and falling resource prices.
    Besides it being probably the most expensive to get qualified in too.


    In response to the above comments, I thought I'd provide some clarification around the skills definitions. The definitions in ITCRA's SkillsMatch Reports are often broad as they combine both ANZSCO and industry recognised wording. Broadly speaking, the descriptions for the skills listed are:

    *Development is a statement not a role. It means having experience in a 'development' environment - you would expect to see Developers, Analyst Programmers, Architects and Project Managers to have this skill.

    * Business Analysis - someone who has business analysis experience within an IT environment.

    * Infrastructure - Someone who has experience in an 'infrastructure' type environment - you would expect to see those in Networks/Desktop/Helpdesk roles with this skill.

    * Account Management - relates to sales roles (both pre and post-sales)

    Hope that helps. We'll also work at narrowing down the descriptors at our end so it is more consistent.

    Kind regards,
    Julie Mills

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