The IT Skills You Need To Work At Australia's Best Employers Right Now

Want to use your IT skills at Australia's best employees? LinkedIn has combed its activity logs and identified the most sought-after companies, and the tech skills they need.

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LinkedIn analyses interactions from its 7 million members to identify the 30 most-desired employers down under and the skills they're looking for. (It compiled a similar global ranking last year.) We've pulled out all the roles with an IT focus:

Company Rank Skills sought
Google #2 Distributed systems, Python, algorithms
Microsoft #4 Cloud computing, Windows Azure, enterprise software
Apple #7 iLife, iWork, iOS
Accenture #14 Business transformation, requirements analysis, business process design
IBM #21 Solution architecture, cloud computing, pre-sales
NBN #22 Stakeholder management, project delivery, telecommunications
HP #28 Service delivery, IT service management, ITIL

That listing is dominated by IT providers, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth considering other employers in the top 30. All of the "big four" banks are on the list, for instance, and IT remains a key focus of demand there. Hit the link belong for the longer list.



    Google, Apple, Microsoft, Accucenture, NBN and HP are Australia's best employers to work for?


    Never any love for data warehousing or BI

    +1 for oil company
    +1 for being bent over in the near future

    What about jobs in IT in general? I have been looking for months and nothing's out there....

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