Hungry Jack's Discount App Arrives On Android

Back in May, Hungry Jack's told us it was "considering" an Android version of its iOS app, which offers on-the-spot discount vouchers. That "consideration" has now become burgerlicious reality.

The Android app replicates the functionality of the iOS version, which means you can score on-the-spot discounts provided you're willing to check in to the app via Facebook. Me, I'd be heading for the nutrition calculator first. That said, there are clearly plenty of bargain-loving takeout fiends; according to Hungry Jack's, the iOS app has been downloaded more than 400,000 times.

Hungry Jack's [Google Play]


    Tried to use it the other say.
    Came up that all the vouchers for this store has already been taken for the day..
    it was only mid afternoon :( and i tried two hungry jacks stores..

    Just look at reviews and star ratings. 1 star nearly the same as 5 star. A lot of unhappy HJ customers

    This has been out for a few weeks now.

    The fact they force you to connect Facebook means I will now be boycotting Hungry Jacks. If you have the app, why on earth is Facebook required as well? I despise business that push Facebook on their customers.

    I'd also suggest using YellowPages app and seeking a GP referral to a cardiologist.

    why would anyone give up their privacy for the price of a hamburger?

    So annoyed I can't get the reward wthout facebook...what the?

    i just made a false facebook. thats the price they pay for forcing me to connect. i also use this false facebook account for other applicatons that force me to use facebook.

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