Hungry Jack’s iPhone App Offers On-The-Spot Discounts

Hungry Jack’s iPhone App Offers On-The-Spot Discounts

If you’re in the mood for a Whopper, this could be tempting: the Hungry Jack’s iPhone app includes a ‘Shake And Win’ feature that offers discount vouchers while you’re in one or near of the burger chain’s stores.

To score the voucher, you have to check-in via the app when you visit a store or get within a one-kilometre radius. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether using Facebook’s check-in system (which underpins the app) is worth the discounts on offer, which include both free burgers and ‘buy one get one free’ deals. Once you receive the voucher, you have 20 minutes to spend it. The announcement release suggests that 200,000 coupons will be distributed.

That feature aside, the app also includes a store locator to hunt down nearby stores and a nutrition calculator so you can see the impact of what you’re eating. It’s a free download for iOS devices. Hungry Jack’s says it is “considering” Android and WP7 versions.

Hungry Jack’s [iTunes App Store]


  • As much as I don’t like HJs…. or have an iPhone…. this is quite cool. I’d love it if some other franchises brought this to Android as well 🙂

  • Shame there is no Android support. When will companies realise that there is more out there than just the iPhone? It seems silly to just develop an app for one phone and that is it.

  • Market researchers and TV ADDS (from apple) all tell them that no body owns an Android device… Stupid thing is.. that nearly 50% of the phone market does 😛

    • I’m sure I read somewhere recently that Android has 50.1% of the market… Though I don’t remember exactly what that figure was in relation to…

      Still the point is that Android is as big, if not bigger than iPhone, and it’s growing faster. Delaying the Android versions of Apps is starting to have a serious impact on my personal purchasing decisions.

      I’ve noticed that without consciously thinking about it, as soon as I see an “iPhone Only” policy, I immediately look at the advertisers competition for my purchase. – Companies really need to start doing simultaneous releases or I simply won’t by from them.

      • Yikes! You boycot companies for producing an app for a phone you don’t use?!

        That’s a little creepy in my opinion.

        Plus it doesn’t help your cause:

        If Company “A”, produces an app for phone “X” based on their market research that says more Company “A” lovers use phone “X”.

        If people who use phone “Y” then move to Company “B”.

        when next time Company “A” does a poll the results are: Look, there is an even higher percentage of our customers that use phone “X”

        At least that’s my understanding of how it would look. I might be wrong completely.

        Either way, choosing to use a product or a companies services based on what phone they deicded to develop an app for isn’t a smart idea in my opinion.

    • Android may have 50% of the market in Australia but a large portion of that is very low cost devices running old versions of android sold as prepaid or not on data plans etc so in my stats I see 50k mobile visitors from iphones + 20k from ipads each month and only 15k from android devices. Obviously I would work first and formost to support the iOS devices as that is a 500% bigger market for my company

  • How many times can I shake and win?? I’d assume only once, but how do they keep track — do I need to create yet another account to use this app?

  • If hungry jacks starts this then possibly subway, KFC etc will have a similar system to compete and it will probably com to android at som point so dont worry people! You will get ur free burgers soon enuf 🙂

  • I have this app and it didn’t work for some reason them when I asked the girls in my local hungry jacks about the app they said they had never heard about it … The store I’m talking about is on a major highway and has travelers from everywhere so why didn’t they know about it ?

  • kinda lame i love my hungry jacks but the only way for me to do this is to get a i phone well inophone i personly think they are crap and a waste of money when a normal android mobile is just as good if not better so this app is no good for many people who actuly want apps that could be great and also earn big $ if this was on android mobiles also such a good idea gone bad realy think long and hard about this….

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