Dealhacker: Cheap Raspberry Pi In Stock

Tempted by the Raspberry Pi? Element 14 has them available and apparently in stock for $38 each. (Shipping is free is you spend $45 or more). We mention this as the official site is still quoting a ten-week turnaround. Of course, the supplies could dwindle rapidly . . . Thanks Matt for the pointer! [Element 14]


    what does one actually do with one of these?

      You could use it to watch youtube on your flatscreen, or play games that support linux and also internet browsing on your TV, or you could possibly record TV shows (if it's fast enough).

      It's mainly for people who can't afford an actual computer but want to experience one.

      In my case, turn it into an always on XBMC client

      I'm thinking of having it set up as a NAS or a VPN server for when I am travelling as a secure connection (no worries doing anything on any sketchy free wifi)

      I have set up mine to be my DLNA media server, web server, mail server, NAS server, backup server (it backups other devices over the network, and Open VPN server. All running together nicely.

      I want to use it as an SVN server, which means that I can check in and out and back up my work from anywhere. I currently use a pentium 4 desktop to do this, but it uses probably 200W, permanently on. My guess is that setting it up with this will use 10 W.

    Ordered one the other day and it got here 2 days later.

    @Andrew, one option is to load Raspbmc (flavour of XBMC) and build your own media centre. (

    Interesting...... I heard about the Pi's before though almost got this instead later It's Bred new :-) . cheers

      Hey Stephen is it any good ? looks like one of those Smart TV USB sticks - is that the idea ? you plug it into a TV ? - like the Kogan device ? how does it compair these are popping up every where .... BTW the Rasberry Pi is very very different beast :)

      That's a pretty decent deal mate, if it is indeed what it says!
      I got my RPi in the first order a couple of months ago, use it quite often for XBMC, will be used more once I cable my house properly though!

        Hi JM - you might want to try youtube: (or type "android Android 4.0 MK802" into youtube ) for research. I liked this video I'm sorry but I don't actually have one :( I have heard they are fun but can be slow for HD video stuff. The idea is a mini android pc without the touch screen abilty. StephenF

    RS have been stuffing around with the availability for these, so I cancelled my order and got it from Farnell as well. Just before 6, so hopefully despatched today,

    would one of these be able to support a minecraft server for ~10 people?

      apparently so (a slim down version). Google is your friend.

    It's not hard to exceed the $45 minimum spend to qualify for free shipping - a case will set you back $8.43 - plus GST, presumably - since RS and Farnell have been quoting prices ex-GST for many years.

    I ordered mine at 11am on the 17th and it arrived on the 18th at 10am! What to do with it! :) XBMC ?? :)

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