10 More Awesome Projects For Your Raspberry Pi

10 More Awesome Projects For Your Raspberry Pi

We’ve shown you how to get started with the Raspberry Pi, the pocket-sized DIY dream computer. Here are 10 awesome projects you can put together in a weekend with it.

It’s Raspberry Pi Week at Lifehacker, and we’ll be showing you some awesome DIY projects you can put together with this miraculous device. If you haven’t acquired one yet, check out our introduction to the Pi to learn more about what it is, what you’ll need, and the cool stuff you can do with one such as setting up a personal VPN and turning it into an XBMC media center.

This past week, we walked you through some of the common projects people tackle with their Raspberry Pi, including:

However, our guides are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of people out there doing awesome stuff with the Pi, so we’ve rounded up 10 of the best projects you might want to consider below.

Build a Combination Pandora Jukebox and Airplay Receiver

how to build a Raspberry Pi Airplay Receiveradd a Pandora Jukebox to the mixShaun Gehringshares the code and steps

Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Computer

this previously mentionedhandheld Raspberry Pi-powered computerRaspberry Pi PC in a keyboardthey we’ve featured beforethis all-in-one Raspberry Pi PC mod

Build a Robot that Reads Audiobooks or Speaks Your Tweets Aloud

this one-button audiobook playerthis adorable wood bowlManuel, the Scottish Mooselook creepy while he does it

Set Up a Personal Web Server

someone would turn a Raspberry Pi into a tiny personal web serverWe covered itthe full guideautomated torrenting/streaming boxhand-crafted online resumeyour own personal landing page

Use a Raspberry Pi to Automate Time-Lapse Photos

beautiful videoa lot of money on a professional rigDIY Raspberry Pi-powered dollythe proof is in the results

Embed a Raspberry Pi into your DSLR for Wireless Tethering and USB Backups

previously mentionedembeds the tiny computer into a DSLR

Use Your Raspberry Pi as a Hacking Tool

Pwnie ExpressRaspberry Pwn

Roll a Raspberry Pi-Powered Personal Dropbox Clone

We discussed the projectthe full project

Build an Automatic DeviantArt Picture Frame

Raspberry Pi-powered DeviantArt picture frameArtGerm at DeviantArtWired

Build a Raspberry Pi-Powered MAME Arcade Table

Raspberry Pi arcade system

Want some more Raspberry Pi projects? We’ve covered quite a few already. Check out our Raspberry Pi tagpage for more projects to tackle.

Additional Resources

Looking to get even more deeply involved in the Raspberry Pi community? Here are a few places to look for more useful information.

These projects and resources are just the beginning. Remember, if there’s a job that a mini computer can automate, the Raspberry Pi is probably a good option. Use the tools we’ve given you so far this week, and you will be ready to tackle almost anything.

Photo by Denise Kappa (Shutterstock), maymak (Shutterstock), Pakhnyushcha (Shutterstock), Anan Kaewkhammul (Shutterstock) and jorisvo (Shutterstock).


    • Depends what you want to do really. If you want to do electronic work, led blinks and switch inputs and the like, then an Arduino would be better for you. This is because the Arduino is 5v based, and so are lots of LEDs and such. A Raspberry Pi is 3.3v based on its GPIO pins, that means that you usually have to change the voltage before interfacing with anything. The RPi would be best if you want to learn basic programming on computers and fiddle with linux. Or better still if you wanted to do both, you could use both. Program the Arduino to interface with the real world based on instructions from the RPi over USB.

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