Raspberry Pi Will Cost $41 In Australia

There's still a massive shortage of stock right now, but official Australian distributor RS Components has confirmed that the Raspberry Pi "computer on a board" will sell for about $41 in Australia, including delivery.

While it's not the first example of an operational computer on a chip, the Raspberry Pi has attracted global attention, and the first run earlier in April this year sold out really quickly. RS Components is accepting pre-orders on its site, and says delivery will be on a "first come, first served" basis with only one board per customer. The exact price will depend on exchange rates on the as-yet-unscheduled launch day, RS officials said at the Australian press launch today. Current pre-orders aren't expected to ship before July.

So far, more than 4,700 Australians have downloaded the DesignSpark SDK for building applications for the Raspberry Pi.

RS Components


    I will be closely examining this once xbmc is released for it.

      It's already available: http://www.raspbmc.com/

        See also openelec.tv

        Their blog has two articles on how to make this work with Raspberry Pi;
        and http://openelec.tv/news/item/242-openelec-meets-raspberry-pi-part-2

    RS Components aren't the only supplier of RasPi boards, what about Element14? http://au.element14.com/jsp/search/productdetail.jsp?SKU=2081185&ICID=ap-2081185-pr-hp

    Ordered my RPI from element14 early April, and is expected to be delivered by the 22nd of June. Have confirmation email stating that my chip exists and has passed QA!

    I've ordered one from Element14. It should arrive sometime around June 25th according to the email they sent me. It cost me $51 including postage for the Model B.

      It should only cost you $38 inc postage from element14, check which one you ordered against the link by the second poster

        Nope, read the info from element14, or simply press buy from that link. It adds $3.80 GST, which brings the total to $41.80. Shipping is then calculated on where you want it posted to. for me this brought the total to $51.

    I have already gotten mine and its small as!

      When did you get yours? I bought mine from Element14 for$38 inc postage the moment it was available on the 29th of Feb, and apart from an order confirmation, I haven't heard a damn thing. It just says "Processing".

    I work in the warehouse at RS Sydney. I actually haven't seen them come in yet.

    Bill Gates: If I could get a cent for every time Windoze crashed. Oh wait...

    I restarted my Pi 3.14 times before I could get it to work!

      i see what you did there

    I got the email from RS to order mine this morning! WOOHOO!!!

    Got Mine weeks ago. It's not the most useful of toys. Two particular problems include: inability to boot from USB stick, lack of Ubuntu support. It cost me $38 from element14. It's amusing that a $3 variation is deemed newsworthy. That's less money than a cup of coffee. LOL Think about it people, this is a computer for the price of a Bluray movie!

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