Briefly: Aeroplane Turbulence 101, Model Skincare Secrets, Cheap Raspberry Pi 2

Briefly: Aeroplane Turbulence 101, Model Skincare Secrets, Cheap Raspberry Pi 2

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: The best smartphones for privacy-obsessed users, Australia’s top models spill their skincare secrets, how dangerous is aeroplane turbulence?

  • With governments looking to wrap their hands tighter around your personal data, getting a phone that can keep your information safe is paramount. Here are Gizmodo’s top picks for super-private devices.
  • Aeroplane turbulence is scary and uncomfortable — but how dangerous is it, actually? Gizmodo has dropped its science on those assembled.
  • Our gal pals over at Popsugar Australia have quizzed Australia’s top models about how they manage to keep their skin looking so flawless. Click here for their tips.
  • You can currently get the Raspberry Pi 2 fron Element 14 for $34.83. Official Raspberry Pi Cases are also available for $8.32. To get the discounts, use the deal codes “C17JUNEAU” and “10WINNERAU”, respectively. [Via OzBargain]


  • Plus GST (I’m not sure why they are allowed to display pre-tax prices?), and shipping too if the total isn’t over $45.

    • They display pre-tax prices because Element 14 is a wholesale electronics company. You’re only not allowed to quote ex-gst pricing to consumers. If you search for Raspberry Pi you will be directed to a retailer who sells to consumers.

      Also, all the voucher codes have the following in the Ts & Cs:

      “Promotion excludes Raspberry Pi models, as well as any products from CadSoft, Fluke and Tektronix.”

      They will apply to the cart, because their web front-end can’t apply the exclusions (hardly surprising if you’ve ever received a print version of the Element 14 catalogue). It might apply the discount code on the web and place the order, but Element 14 are well within their rights not to honour the order.

      So, it’s a far-cry from a Raspberry Pi 2 for $34.83. @Chris-jager – If I place an order will you cover the difference between $34.83 and the actual price that I get from Element 14? 😉

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