Build A Raspberry Pi XBMC Media Center

Build A Raspberry Pi XBMC Media Center

At Lifehacker we’re big fans of the XBMC video player and home entertainment hub. Combine the awesomeness of XBMC with the Raspberry Pi, the low-cost, low-power computer board with a built-in SD card reader, USB ports, ethernet port and HDMI output, and you have the makings of a powerful-but-cheap home media solution.

Credit goes to The How-To Geek for putting it all together. Grab a Raspberry Pi (a process which can take a few weeks given the waiting list), add the Raspbmc media centre distribution and you have core of a neat XBMC ystem. Here’s the full list of requirements:

  • Raspberry Pi board case
  • Raspbmc installer
  • HDMI cable
  • SD card
  • Micro-USB charger
  • USB keyboard or media centre remote

Once you build the system setup you can use almost all of the standard XBMC tweaks and tricks. The only downside is that due to licensing restrictions you can’t play MPEG-2 videos on a Raspberry Pi. For full setup instructions hit the How-To Geek guide.

Build a $US35 Media centre with Raspbmc and Raspberry Pi [The How-To Geek]


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