Viber 2.2 Adds Group And Photo Messaging

We've featured messaging/VOIP app Viber in its iOS and Android incarnations before. Version 2.2 of Viber enhances the app on those platforms with the ability to make group calls and send photos in messages.

Like other "free messaging" apps, Viber relies on your friends and family also using it (it claims a user base of 90 million people so that may not be a massive problem). Remember also it's not 'free' in the strict sense, since you'll be using part of your data allowance, or relying on Wi-Fi that someone else is ultimately paying for.

Viber 2.2 is a free download for Android and iOS; BlackBerry and WP7 versions are also available, but are further back in the development cycle. If you've had a good (or bad) experience with Viber, tell us about it in the comments.



    Still wish they'd implement full tablet support somehow.. !

    i'm still curious how they make a profit out of the free app

    unless they have a deal with mobile providers

      It's all data based, like Emails or MSN Messenger so I don't know how the Mobile providers would come into it?

        by selling data packs in other countries
        we're lucky enough to have data bundled in a pre-paid or post-paid plans

    ive a samsung galaxy ace plus why cant i get viber on this


    This is a member of the Viber R&D Team!

    Thank you for writing about Viber!
    If you have any questions we'd be happy to assist. :)

    Thanks in advance.
    Viber Team

      How do I dowload viber ap on my Android phone? Is there a preliminary step such as enabling open source capability?

    Why i cant use viber and whatsuup on my samsung galaxy ace plus?

    @lina- Hi, Can you please elaborate the specific issue?

    Thanks in advance.

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