Viber Makes Free iPhone Calls Over 3G And Wi-Fi

iPhone: Viber is a free app that's basically Skype meets Google Voice. It can make regular voice calls from your iPhone, but upon calling another Viber user it will automatically route the call over VOIP and cost you absolutely nothing.

Here's how it works: instead of using your iPhone's phone app, you use Viber instead. When you make a call out of Viber, it checks to see if that phone number is registered with another Viber user. If it is, Viber handles the call over VOIP. If it's not, Viber automatically routes the call through your iPhone's phone app. This way you get free calls to other Viber users and other calls will work just the same as always.

Using Viber is also pretty straightforward, as it's basically a purple version of your iPhone's phone app. Making calls is straightforward, you have access to your address book, and the call quality is decent.

Viber is available right now, for free, in the iTunes App Store.

Viber [iTunes App Store via Daring Fireball]


    Well the calls aren't really free and if calling over 3G, they *could* cost you a bucketload if you don't have a decent data allowance. Having said that, I tested Viber over the last few days and apart from some problems in 3G blackspots, I'm a definitely a Viber fan.

      Its good and easy who ever on your contact list can see easy and make a call free offcourse its require data but wifi can also gives free option.

      good thing who ever overseas they can make a call also free with this

      I like it.


    Phoned my son in the same room, routing through Wifi. Definitely laggy, like around half a second. Not sure if I like it yet for that reason. This is in Perth, WA.

    Im in Perth, can call my wifes iPhone - I hear her but she can't hear me. Is this a common problem ? Is there a solution ?

    The best phone app everr..just called my sis on viber from ipad without sim card crystal clear the phone lasted 5 mins on my end n she called back another 10 mins .if no follow up bills,
    appears this is the v v v best thing for families far apart..thnxs viber.

    Viber is great but you need a mobile number to register it to. In Aus that is easy.

    Setting up viber without working sim card Australia. Buy a $2 Telstra Sim card from Coles and install it in Iphone . Activate by dialing 1258887 but don't buy any credit. This mobile number can now receive calls from any number for about 5 months without buying any credit. Log into viber and use this number to receive viber access code. If no number is texted from viber use the automated number service. When number is deactivated by Telstra viber should still work.

    Download viber

    Just spoke tom y sister in koh samui im near sydney atm, quality was average but she was using free wifi at hotel but very acceptable spoke for ages and its free! Love it. Viber just do it.

    When you message on viber is it free to message does it take your data allowance

    Does it work from new zealand to Australia

    Can anyone tell me if Viber will work on a HTC phone...or is it only for iphones?

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