Free Calling And Texting App Viber Now Available For Android

Android: Viber is a free app we've previously featured for making free calls from an iPhone over 3G and Wi-Fi. Now available for Android, you can call or text other Viber users (including iPhone users) for free.

Despite being completely free, Viber doesn't have any ads. It also doesn't require you to register or create an account (it uses your phone number as your identifier) or create buddy lists - it works just like a phone. A big plus of the app is the free international calling and the ability to use Wi-Fi to place calls.

All you'll need to make the most of the app is get more friends to use Viber, whether they're iPhone or Android users.

Viber [Android Market]


    Wow! if only Skype thought of something like this!

      I think the difference between this and Skype is that with this you don't need a seperate username and password. It basically works off your mobile number and address book.

    Great... only problem is the people who I speak with on the phone most are those who don't even own smart phones in the first place.

    Hi all,

    This is a member of the Viber Development Team!
    Thank you for your review of Viber. We are very happy that so many
    people worldwide are interested in our application.

    If anyone has any questions/suggestions for Viber, please feel free to write, and I will address them shortly.

      hi, I have a problem with my Viber application, I have a Samsung Galaxy mini, and since last week every time I make a phone-call with Viber, people can hear me but I can hear them, I tried to re install the application but is useless! maybe you can help me! thanks in advance!

    Not compatible with HTC wildfire running running Android 2.2.1!
    What's that all about?

    I've been testing the final version for two days and it still doeesn't look like a finished product. Unexpected closures, contacts dissapearing... iPhone version works much better. I think I'll keep using Fring for the moment.


    Unfortunately, we encountered severe problems when developing Viber for Wildfire (it's quite an obsolete device by now).

    Unfortunately for now we have decided that it remains incompatible so users won't suffer from a bad experience using Viber. This might change in the future.

    Nothing for HTC Desire or Acer Iconia A501?

    @ Viber

    I am in the same boat as Kev, what are the chances of a htc a3335 wildfire becoming compatible with Viber. If so what kind of time frame would we be looking at?

    @Kev and @Aaron - we have good news!
    We decided to put HTC Wildfire & Hero back in Market. It should happen soon (within a week or so). Follow us on Facebook for more updates.

    @Joss - those 2 devices should work just fine with Viber. What problem are you experiencing?

      hi,I have a htc wildfire and every time i make a phone call with viber , i can hear people but they can not hear me, pease advise me.

    Ok - now I have Viber from the Market on my Wildfire !!
    Fine ....but just to send message ;-(
    My voice is ok but I can't hear what the person say "in the other end" ;-(
    What "Viber" thinks about this:

    I have the iconia A501 and cant get viber to download onto it, please help

    i just wanted to ask if im ringing through a wifi does the other person use their data in the phone call or is it mine that just gets used, only asking because of ringing people on prepaid

    Hi is this like were you text

    My viber doesn't work when I have no credit and isn't it meant to be free, please help me

    I have HTC wildfire,and it doesnt work at all. People calling me on viber cant hear my voice,though i can hear their voice clearly,why is that so?? Please help.

    is viber available for free calls in australia

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