• NEC Launches New Comms System For SMBs

    NEC Australia has announced availability of the SL2100 Smart Communications System for Australia. This is a SMB communications platform that offers VoIP, mobility and Unified Communications and Collaboration features.

  • Ask LH: Will Paying For Skype Improve The Quality?

    Hi Lifehacker, My parents live overseas and I’m so frustrated with Skype calls dropping out every two minutes, slap back echo, and other general annoyances. I know it’s free, but will this stop if I use their paid-for service and buy Skype credit to call a landline or mobile phone? What are the best alternatives…

  • Dealhacker: 50% Off Skype Cards

    If you’re looking to top up on prepaid Skype cards, paying full price would be a bit silly. Coles, Woolworths and Target are all currently selling both the $10 and $25 varieties for half the recommended retail price — $5 and $12.50 apiece.