Can You Beat ALDI's $249 TV Deal?

Another week, another cheap ALDI TV special. From tomorrow, the discount supermarket chain has a 32-inch LCD model with a built-in DVD player for $249. How does that measure against the competition?

The set includes 3 HDMI inputs and a USB slot for connecting a flash drive to turn it into a basic PVR. It's a good price, though you can get similar deals elsewhere from other non-premium suppliers.

Kogan has a virtually identical model for $299 plus postage but without DVD; if you don't want that screen size, there's a 22-inch version for $199. Millennius' 32-inch model is more expensive at $359 (you can actually do slightly better at JB Hi-Fi for $348). If you've spotted another deal that betters ALDI's, tell us in the comments.



    I saw in Kmart recently $200 for a 1080p LED with dvd player, but it was only 24". Guess it beats the 22" here at least :o

    Well I've seen advertised a few times 32" LCDs with 1080p for $299 at various places such as JB.

    The Kogan one you've mentioned doesn't have a DVD player.

    Looks like a bricks and mortar store is smashing the Kogan the bogan on price.

    Door buster / Woolworths / Tricky Dicky's has the Vivo 40" 1080p LCD's semi regularly for $299. I bought a couple last time, around three weeks ago

    Are we talking quality tvs at that price? Are these worth looking at or do you buy a new one each year?

    Not a fan of bottom of the barrel product but I find it interesting you say the Aldi and Kagan products are virtually identical??? One is 720p one is 1080, response rates are different as are the contrast rates as are the features. But like saying to compact cars from different manufacturers are virtually the same because they both fit the compact size range

      Exactly. The resolution is a MAJOR difference. I wouldn't even consider a screen that's 1366x768, however 1080p is a completely different scenario.

      Saying they are equivalent is like saying a 32" and a 42" 1080p screen are the same.

    I picked up an LG 42" full HD LCD from Hardly normal for $398 at the start of june :)

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