Dealhacker: ALDI $249 ICS Tablet


    The TV ad mentions that it is a 7 inch tablet.

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    Review?? Vid???

    If it's anything like the rest of the hardware I've purchased from them, i wouldn't even waste $100 on it :/ Though that's just based on my negative experiences with Aldi computer hardware.

    How does it compar to the specs of the upcoming Kogan ICS 10" tablet. For price is it worth waiting ?

    What a JOKE. Iwas first into store and they Didnt Have Any. Time Wasted

    A lot of these cheaper tablets do not have multi-touch capacitive screens - any word on this one?

    Has 5 points of touch.
    Check out the talk on whirlpool about it.
    I'm also wondering how it stacks up against kogans one.

    Picked one of these up yesterday, I am actually impressed. Clean design and android runs pretty quick on it. Originally I brought it for the kids to watch videos on, but that may have to change... First ALDI tech buy for me and good experience so far.

    Waiting to buy the tablet was another experience altogether.......... Fire and pitch forks were the order of the day

    I have had the Bauhn tablet for 3 days now and it seems like a very capable device for the price. But the one thing that I've found to be very anoying is that when the screen goes into 'sleep' mode, whether it's 15 seconds or 30 minutes, it seems to switch off, not sleep. I then have to hold down the power button for 8 seconds, then it actually does switch off totaly, then I have to hold down the button again for a few seconds to reboot the tablet. There seems to be no way to send it in to a proper sleep mode that can be re-awkened with a quick press of the power button. I have spoken to a rep from 'Tempo' who are the service providers for it, and they seem surprised as much as I am thet the problem exists. An update to the software would seem to be the obvious answer, but until then the screen will just have to stay on full time which eats up the battery. Cheers, Allan

      Allan, no problem with the sleep function, just press the power button briefly and screen will turn off and go into sleep mode.

    Initially had trouble downloading apps (error 101) but this was not the tablet's fault. My Google accounts were not sync'd ...hmm. When I bought the tablet I knew it was not a dual core as claimed by Bauhn and suspected that slow performance might spoil my satisfaction. Not so. The capacitive screen is responsive and crisp. Opening and scrolling through big spreadsheets on Google Docs is probably faster than my desktop PC. In short, l'm (provisionally) quite impressed and very comfortable with my $249 investment.

    Can you tell me how to sync my Google Accounts

      i also would like to know how to sync my google account .i am having problems with skype and face book

    I have a new aldi bauhn tablet but can't get video on skype. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

    Allan, exactly the same problem here, I bought it for my wife and she loves it, but Im considering to return it after she gets tired of it..
    Robert, you have to enable video in skype options.
    As far as I can see, this tablet is not worth the money and apart from freezing in sleep mode, front camera has a bug and randomly displays a line across the screen when turned on, the display is a bit dull compared to the same price devices, battery life is so-so, mobile broadband with the usb dongle is a royal pain to set , some simple apps do not work with the processor etc, etc.
    I guess it is ok for very entry level into android devices but apart from that, this device is a joke, ermmm... but again, I suppose a whole concept of free half-baked apps running on a free half-baked platform is a joke , lol, it may be ok for phones but not for a serious computing device.
    For people who missed on buying this tablet, let me tell you - you didnt miss anything :D

      How did you set up the dongle. I just bought one and put the dongle in lastnight and nothing happened. Can you remember what you had to do? Thanks

    Hi There, my tablet is great for what I need it for... but it has developed an "oil stain" in the centre of the screen under the glass. Has this happened to anyone else? I have writen to the email address on the back of the tablet to let them know. Cheers Rusty

      that happened to me, it doesn't go away and it could get worse. my bauhn was experiencing all sorts of problems the dead pixels were the last straw and it was returned to aldi's. i went out and bought an asus. my hubbies bauhn is fine so far. my mother returned hers yesterday as it was making draedful noise which was getting worse. haven't heard from younger sister on how hers is donig, but so far 2 out of 3 is not really anything to be proud of. i'm not knocking aldii's' i love the store' and other special buys have been great, but maybe they should have researched this product before stocking and selling it. mum got the same asus as me and we're happpy with them. :)

    Your Comment

    I bought two of these units for my grandchildren. Going great so far. I finnally got around to attempting to set up skype. Was able to get audio calls working without trouble. I was hoping to be able to make video calls. It appears that this is not available on this tablet. I would welcome confirmation or otherwise. Is there a work around?

    I had bought the bauhn tablet today everything going good fixed the 101 error problem. Now I have a SD card function problem it won't stop trying to checkor error on SD card not detecting can't install games acsses storage or shutdown I'm not happy keeps saying preparing SD card how long does it take I'm very sad right now

      Hi Nick,
      I'am having the same problem. When connected to a PC it sees both the internal card and the micro sd card (as a removable disk) and can write to both. However with the tablet on and the micro sd card mounted, you cannot access either files and only when you unmount the micro sd card do you have access to the internal files. Have you found a solution? or is the micro sd card slot as usefull as Titts on a Bull.

    I bought the Bauhn today and there is problem to view the youtube video? Ittime out with error " there was problem while playing"? Anyone can help, please

    one more problem, can't download any Apps, download error 101

    Does anyOne know how to set up gmail on it? It keeps rejecting the password and user name even though I have not entered a user name.

      Hi John,

      Have you try to create a new account, just test it out if it works? I create new one and I got no problem.

    Hi Nick, how did you fix 101 problem? I got this error while I tried to download the Apps. Did you have any problem viewing youtube video?

    Got one on Sat 8th. I have a faulty usb cable but lucky to have one sitting around then windows wont recognise the tablet and says it is not compatable with windows and wont read flash drives either. Spoke to tempo and was told its most likely to be a faulty connection and take it back. I won`t waste time getting another one.3 days of woe.

    PS I forgot to mention that I had to buy a protective cover as the screen got filthy after playing around with it for 5 minutes. No worries about getting the refund

    Not sure if I've just been lucky but picked mine up on Saturday and I have had noproblems at all. It has done everything I have asked of it. I have left the clear cover on and have avoided the dirty screen so far. I have used a usb dongle for broadband as well as the wifi no probs. I have downloaded videos, music, data from and to thumb drives and so far a great little bit of technology. Sorry to those of you who have had such bad experiences, but I love it and a great price.

      Lee, how did you set up the dongle? I plugged mine into the mini usb cord and nothing happened. Any tips

      Can you please tell me how you download music ?

    Anyone know how to copy jpg images from an USB memory stick to the Gallery ? I can open and see the image on the memory stick and can copy the image, but don't know how to paste it to the gallery.

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