You Can Get a Cheap 82-Inch TV From ALDI This Weekend

You Can Get a Cheap 82-Inch TV From ALDI This Weekend

ALDI’s special buys are always a hit. They often sling ridiculous prices on desirable items, whether it be snow gear, kitchenware or appliances. Well, get out your wallets folks because ALDI’s next sale includes one hell of a large TV.

For the Funtertainment Special Buys range, ALDI is pulling out great deals on all your home entertainment needs. The highlight is of course the 82-inch 4K UHD Smart TV for only $1,299. You read that right, 82-inches. That’s almost two of my TVs put together.

This TV will be available in ALDI’s Special Buys online from 8:30 am AEST, meaning you don’t need to fight the crowds to try and purchase one in store. The sale also includes a bunch of other fun items in-store like new speakers to go with your new TV and accessories.

This insane sale will take place in ALDI’s special buys this Saturday, 24 July. As always, stock won’t last long so be prepared to get in quick.

ALDI’s Entertainment Special Buys

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Entertainment deals

  • 82-inch 4K UHD Smart TV – $1,299 (online only)
  • Lyte Mini Portable Projector – $99.99 (online only)
  • Portable Party Speaker – $249
  • 40-inch HD Android TV – $329
  • 2.1 Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer – $249
  • Corner Wall Bracket – $69.99
  • Outdoor Antenna Kit – $49.99
  • JBL 650BTNC Noise Cancelling Headphones – $79.99
  • Cable and Powerboard Tidy Unit – $11.99
  • 4-Way Surge Powerboard – $24.99

ALDI is also slinging some deals on home hardware and hobby tools in its sale on Saturday 24. You can grab great deals on items including:

  • Air Brush Paint – $1.99
  • Bondic Plastic Welder – $24.99
  • Air Brush Compressor Kit – $79.99
  • Workshop Hobby Tools (Staple and Nail Gun) – $19.99
  • Accessory Drawers – $19.99
  • Mini Soldering Torch Kit – $29.99
  • Assorted Hobby Tool Accessories – $9.99
  • Glue Gun – $14.99
  • Engraving Tool – $14.99
  • Wood Burning Kit – $14.99
  • LED Light Accessories – $6.99
  • Precision Hand Tools – $9.99
  • Hobby Knife Set – $12.99

You can see the full catalogue of this week’s Special Buys over on ALDI’s website. A reminder to also check the product delays page to ensure you don’t show up to a store only for your favourite item to be unavailable.

Good luck out there shoppers!


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