How Does ALDI's $599 TV Stack Up?

One of ALDI's Saturday specials this week is a 50-inch LCD television for $599. That's a low price, but how does it compare to other sets with similar features?

The Bauhn 50-inch model has the following specifications: an HD (1920 by 1080) display 50Hz LCD panel display; with 3 HDMI inputs; a USB connection (which lets you record TV via a built-in PVR system if you connect a suitable drive; a contrast ratio of 4000:1, a pair of 10W speakers, a sleep timer and a parental lock. ALDI also says you can return the product within 60 days if you're not satisfied. (Note that if a major problem developed on the 61st day or indeed after six months, you'd be entitled under Australian consumer law to seek redress anyway.)

$599 for a 50-inch LCD is fairly competitive with the market, though it's a slightly unusual size which means there aren't a lot of absolute competitors. Kogan will sell you a 46-inch model for $639 (plus shipping), offering a slightly smaller screen but a much higher contrast ratio. JB Hi-Fi only offers 50-inch in plasma models, with the cheapest an LG model for $798 (which is on sale for $100 less right now at Harvey Norman). JB has a 46-inch Soniq LCD model for $699 (more than Kogan). So there doesn't seem to be anyone offering quite the same value for money as ALDI, but there are plenty of choices (and more established brands) which aren't dramatically more expensive for a similar (or slightly larger) size TV.

Had a good or bad experience with a previous ALDI TV? We're all ears in the comments.


    Seems like a good deal. Try it out for 60 days, take it back if it's junk. And a 2 year warranty if you do decide to keep it.

    I bought their 3D one a while ago and ended up taking it back, the response rate was far too slow for gaming, push a button and the on screen character doesn't respond for about a second.

    I spoke to a few people who were returning theirs for the exact same reason.

    Pretty much a case of you get what you pay for.

    We bought an Aldi vivid 32 inch LCD TV almost a year ago on a super special. The tuner in it is rubbish, so if you watched TV with just that it would be a below average TV. Fortunately we've got a beyonwiz pvr that has an excellent tuner and when the TV is used just as a monitor via HDMI, the quality is excellent. We're happy with it, it hasn't missed a beat.

      I'm in the same boat. Bought the same TV and have only used connected to ps3 and pc. Have had zero issues with it whatsoever. Still stoked with the purchase.

    I've bought a couple of Aldi TVs and have had them for nearly 5 years. One 42 inch and one 32 inch. Both have been great, but the 42 inch is over 5years old and doesn't have a HD tuner. The 32 inch appears to be a rebadged LG unit. I'm considering this new 50 inch unit.

    My experience with Aldi AV equipment is not good. Two PVRs and a set-top box all returned after less than 3 months. Then there was the vacuum cleaner that electrocuted me.
    Will never buy from them again.

      If you were electrocuted you wouldn't be able to buy anything from anyone again.

        Electrocution doesn't always kill. Take it from the guy who's stuck multiple power cables into his mouth for dares, and has licked cattle fences.

          Actually Albert is right. Electrocution is death caused by electricity. I think the term you are looking for is electric shock.

    Cheap "home brand" TVs are cheap for a reason. The panels are terrible. Resolution means nothing. It's not just Aldi. The Big W AWA and Myer Prima brands are just as bad.

      I picked up a 32" Soniq on the side of the road that has a fracking amazing picture. Only 720p, but so is all my content.

        Admittedly my main TV is a Soniq 32" LED from JB HiFi. Bloody great, though the tuner is not as strong as the Soniq PVR. I mainly use the STB anyway. I know at the time most of the components in Soniq were from LG.

          Do u still have a working remote for the soniq??

    A elderly family member bought an Aldi tv a couple of years. One hdmi port only, which has been a disaster. Very grainy picture quality. Cheap doesn't mean value, although I haven't seen this tv.

    I paid ~$800 for a Samsung 51" plasma a couple months back with 3D an a pair of glasses,I know LCD Vs. Plasma is apples/oranges but I would rather pay another couple hundred dollars for a name brand even Samsung/LG.

    My 32 Aldi LCD is perfect - especially when you don't compare it to more expensive brands in a side by side comparison! Seriously though for under $300 it is a great TV and gaming via HDMI is AOK... tuner is slow (to change channels etc) and PVR is totally useless you need to have it on DTV and - so no gaming while recording but a dedicated PVR connected via the 2nd HDMI is the answer!

    Tried two. Took them both back. Utter rubbish. Save up and get a proper branded one. Other Aldi stuff can be very good, including electronic equipment, but not the TVs.

    Who would actually buy electronics from Aldi anyway?

      I have quite a few successful purchases from Aldi in Electronics (other than a DOA).

    I got the $250 32" lcd last year. Never had a problem with it. We can watch Blu-Ray on it and it doesn't miss a beat.

    In my opinion, you are guaranteed to get a few bad apples when it comes to buying electronics - I've had problems with computers I've bought but that doesn't stop me from buying more and more.

    Dick Smith have 51 inch Vivo TV's for $499 and Kogan have 46 Inch for $525

    I have 1 x Medion & 2 x Vivid units I have purchased from Aldi. Initially, one of the Vivids wouldn't play DVD's, & I exchanged it the following day. I purchased a Dgtec set top box last year from Aldi. The resolution was shocking via AV, but once I put it on HDMI it works fine. It is slow at changing channels, but I really use it as a cheap Web browser with a wireless Keyboard/Mouse. I used to be a big LG fan, but I am reluctant to purchase any brand that Big W stock.

    I've just purchased a 50 inch Aldi LCD for our bedroom the picture quality looks fine and Bly ray movies look great on it now to see how the Wii & play station look on it next ..

    I bought one and it seems great so far.The picture and onboard sound is better than my 42" plasma its replacing. Please be warned ,if you go to Aldi for a sale like this get there early.We lined up 30 mins before opening and had to endure a primative race through the store to locate the sets with lots of yelling swearing and argy bargy from the other customers as there were only 16 sets and many more disgruntled punters.

    You can try them for 60 days and if you dont like it, you can return it. Try that at Harvey Norman...

    At Harvey Norman they don't recommend a bad picture. Hense you won't need to return it.

    If you don't care about picture quality, this is a good buy!

    This TV is AMAZING value, I have had no problems with the connection and it works fantastically, depending on what sort of reception you get you may need to get a tuner but I am so happy I got this tv instead of 'higher end model' which costs twice as much and doesn't do anything better

    Bought a Aldi 42" 200Hz TV 7 years ago and is working perfectly, brilliant picture because its 200 Hz. No problems

    I have a 32 inch vivid from aldi bought 8/8/11 quite fine until today 29/6/14 when picture died in front of my eyes..screen has had it totally I am sure. a tad less than 3 years ..prior to this all fine and ran sound into amp via coaxial. but it is now a dead thing useful maybe only as a radio. Cactus less than 3 years even for a cheap telly ....old tvs would go for decades but this just totally died.

    I hear people say that a lot but most times they forget that not so long ago TVs were a very significant investment. So when they invariably went faulty we took them to a shop where a clever guy would spend a couple of hours working out what was wrong. Order replacement parts and solder it all up as good as new. He would charge for the parts and his couple of hours of labour and we were usually happy as it was only a tiny fraction of the cost of the TV.
    Whereas now TVs are cheap, so cheap it is rarely worth repairing them. So we bin them and buy a new one. This makes them seem much less reliable than TVs in days of old.
    "In my days TV's were reliable. Had mine for 30 years, only changed the picture tube 3 times, power cord twice, tuner once, driver board twice and various other boards from time to time, but it was built to last. 30 years and counting, now that's reliability." :)

    I have had my Aldi Baun 50" a week now and very impressed. Digital TV Picture quality is very good considering I have a average Arial. Pay TV Austar is not as clear as free to air but that is typical, however when you play from USB stick or DVD absolutely stunning and clear with great colours.

    Re: My email to Medion
    I have followed your recommendations about discharging the static. Not once but over half a dozen times I’ve had to perform this function. The last time was not successful.
    Let’s have a look at this issue
    1. I bought the television for $259 on 12th December, 2012
    2. It did not last 12 months
    3. I contacted your company by phone and remember the conversation well because of the indifference of the “customer Service/Help Desk” individual with whom I spoke. Was told to return the faulty television at my expense even though I explained that it was no fault of mine. I asked where do I find a box large enough in which to return it. The reply? “You should have kept the box it came in” I questioned who kept all the boxes for 12 months regarding the equipment they buy, to which the answer was, he did.
    4. Eventually obtained a large cardboard box, cut it down to the appropriate size and despatched the television
    5. On 17th February, 2014 received a new television
    6. That television broke down in June 2015
    7. So now you are asking me to do the same as I did with the first television.
    8. Repairs $125, Parts $109 = $234 plus packing and postage means I’ve virtually paid for a new television
    9. Please advise
    a) Are you expecting me to return the television and have you repair it with a 3 months guarantee? or
    b) That I should send you $109, risk someone repairing it for less than, or the same as, $125 and then have the television fail again
    c) The name and contact phone number or email address of the most senior person of your company here in Australia

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