Why Telstra Has Reset 230,000 Passwords

When Telstra first revealed that its GameArena servers had been hacked, it said up to 35,000 accounts might have been affected. However, it turns out that almost 230,000 customers will have their passwords changed. What gives?

In an update to its original statement, Telstra explains that while the attack apparently only impacted customers with BigPond addresses who used that address to access GameArena, it has reset many other customers to be on the safe side:

As a precaution Telstra has reset passwords for up to 230,000 GameArena and Games Shop members who access the site using a non-BigPond email address (e.g. hotmail or gmail).

Our original advice still stands: for any online service you use, follow good password practice. No matter how big the provider, there's always a risk of passwords going awry.


    its people *without* bigpond emails, not with.

    I don't see the point of having really strong passwords any more, especially when most of the time passwords are not brute-forced but either phished or stolen from the main database making the strongest password anyone could ever think of, moot. Of course though you still would make a secure password for online banking. But your security is only as good as the providers security.

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