How BigPond Mail Shift To Windows Live Affects You

Telstra today announced that it is switching its email infrastructure for customers to using Microsoft's Windows Live email service. That change affects 4.2 million inboxes, but for most people, it won't make a massive difference. Here's what you need to know.

Firstly, the process is going to take a while. Telstra officials say the switch will happen "during 2012". New customers will go straight onto the Windows Live system; other customers will be sent a mail when the switchover happens to their account.

Secondly, it's worth emphasising out that customer email addresses won't change; you'll still have a or address, and won't be moved to an or address. If you're using a standalone mail client (such as Outlook or, the ingoing and outgoing mail settings remain largely the same. The most obvious settings change will be if you currently have a password that is less than eight characters long, since Windows Live enforces that as a requirement. Mobile phones also have slightly different settings, all listed on the Telstra site.

While Hotmail (which is what Windows Live Mail is built on) has a reputation as the email service no-one uses, it actually stacked up pretty well when we compared it to Gmail. Certainly if you've been using Telstra's web-based client, the new version will be a big improvement. And don't panic — despite the name of the service, it will work with any browser or computer, not just Windows systems.


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    Nobody uses it, even though it has over 10 million more accounts than Gmail

    Hotmail 4lyf, yo!

    I'm constantly bemused with people's preference for Gmail. It was better for a brief period when it offered more storage, but apart from that has never had an edge. Google's other services are great (Reader, in particular, is still my preferred RSS feed tool); but nothing special compared to comparable offerings from Microsoft.

    It's the whopping great ads in Hotmail that give Gmail the comparative edge. That and Gmail's conversation view... Oh, and the fact that Gmail syncs with whatever email client you like. Actually, Hotmail kind of sucks!

      And the whopping big ads in GMail? yeah they don't exist do they...

      you forgot to mention the difference in speed.

      and priority inbox

    Does this mean that Bigpond customers will finally have Push email?

    I spent a while just last weekend cobbling together a way to make bigpond email sync between desktop, ipad, and android for some clients.

    It should make things easier for me long term, and I wont need to convince anybody to jump ship from bigpond if they want a better email solution. Everybody wins.

      Hi Stove, sounds like you might have a solution to my problem???? ;)
      My setup .... Prior to asking bigpond to convert me to imap (more later), I had a pop account. Outlook 2007 on Windows 7 PC, iphone and ipad all happily got incoming mail. Set up so that no messages were deleted from bigpond server when uploaded to these devices. All happily sending but they couldn't see each other's sent mail. I used the outlook 2007 as an archive of all incoming messages. Sent message archive on individual devices or bigpond webmail. I used iphone and ipad to read messages but as they didn't have each other's sent mail and didnt reflect deletions from each other it was a pain in the neck.
      So i decided to convert to imap. Still in the throes of trying to get that to work. AAGH! And have since had heaps of people telling me it's awful, slow and has unreliable deletions in subfolders/archives. So regretting this and thinking about pop again.
      Can you help? Is this the problem you solved for your clients?
      Really what I want is:
      - use my bigpond mail address as my only apparent incoming and outgoing address. I believe this is called masking.
      - inbox deletions and sent mail from iphone and ipad showing up as sychronised on each other; folders the same on both; not necessarily synced to outlook 2007 on PC.
      - some way of archiving either (a) all incoming mail by default or (b) selecting delete vs archive as I deal with each inbox item. PLus keeping/archiving all my sent mail by default. Needing to do this without jamming up the folders which are going to be synced and creating a snycing time-nightmare,
      - contacts (which syncs to icloud with outlook 2007 on pc and my iphone and ipad) available as the default address book when I use mail on my iphone and ipad

      I have been told icloud mail does not do email address masking so that is out.
      I had another idea. Bigpond pop account connected to outlook 2007 on the PC on the one hand and gmail imap on the other hand. Both receiving incoming mail - directly with Outlook 2007 and by way of forwarding re gmail. Gmail then acts as a syncing server for iphone and ipad which reciprocally sync deletions/sent mail thru gmail but not all the way back up to the bigpond server. Would this address my issues do you think?Would this work? Is there a simpler way?

      Advice warmly received.

    While the fan boys keep blurting crap from their mouths. I start with this potentially means I don't need to pay for an SMTP service to get all my mail folders. As well as increased space to store my data. I just wish hotmail gave me the option to turn off the junk mail filter!

      SMTP is for sending email, not receiving. It is used with Pop or IMAP to receive mail.

    Hotmail and Live are now fully active sync. Woks exactly the same as having a corporate Exchange account. Full email, contact and calendar push sync. There is nothing but benefit here for Bigpond customers.

    Good riddance bigpond webmail. I sometimes have need for this at work. I have never been able to figure out how the biggest telcomm in Australia could possibly have the most, buggiest annoying web based email ever. It hangs constantly and every second request to (even to open an email) is met with internal server error..good riddance!!

      It is now 2016 and nothing has changed...

    Get over it, both GMail and Hotmail are great in their own ways. Hell, I use both to get the best of both worlds.

    For me, Windows Live/Hotmail servers have always been so much slower than Gmail, Yahoo, Zoho and others that I have used.
    Telstra will need to do force Microsoft to do something about server response times if they want to keep my business.

    Update - fresh from Bigpond website , highlighted in red:
    A small number of customers with the Windows Live platform have experienced problems receiving or sending emails using an email client (eg. Outlook).

    We recommend that customers access their email using Web Mail until this problem is fixed.

    If you continue to experience issues please call BigPond Technical Support on 13 3933 or Mobile support on 13 2200.

    We are working to fix the problem. BigPond will update this Alert once the problem is resolved. We thank you for your patience and apologise for the inconvenience caused.
    Bigpond/Telstra have absolutely stuffed this exercise.

      I have had a bigpond email for years, (3 addresses) recently my account was converted to "live" and I haven't been able to download my mail with windows mail, windows live or my iPhone/iPad..
      I even let bigpond remotely check my settings for over an hour... Still no luck .
      The only saving grace is I can now at least use web mail. ( which doesn't help saving emails in specific folders for my upcoming divorce).
      Honestly, I have had a gut full... I didn't ask for any conversion , I'm not pc savvy and it just annoys the crap out of me :/
      The problem is obviously bigponds end... Wonder if it will ever get fixed...

    I just joined Bigpond and have not used windows live yet to send or recieve any emails (I use another service ).
    Only to find each week since joining Bigpond I have recieved several spam emails interesting since I never subscribed to any, I previosly used live and closed that account becase of the constant spamming now it seems it continues with bigpond I will never use this account it's crap and open to all spammers.

    I have had nothing but steadily increasing spam since the change. My eight year old Bigpond email address was pretty well safe - never been used where spam spewers harvest their email addresses. Currently I am getting at LEAST twenty offers to modify either my penis or my wife's boobs per day. I can filter my computer but not so easy with iPhones etc. Prior to the change I did not get spam. (My address is somewhat unusual.)

    Totally agree Veritas. I am getting hammered with it. You would think Big Pond could detect it, most has a sender name including growth, girth, bigger etc. I am using a tral Spamdrain for iphone ipad at the moment and it works well. But I don't really want to pay $14.99 per year to keep it out. BP shoud fix it.

    I agree re the Bigpond spam, I have been getting hammered with it the last few weeks with numbers increasing daily. I have used the report Spam button on the webmail on it (before POPing my mail) for a few weeks but I doubt anyone at Bigpond pays any attention to it at all. They must be noticing a huge spike in mail numbers though. I am going to finally switch my remaining Bigpond mail to my own site, at least it's spam filter (Spam Assassin) stops this rubbish.

    This question is off the track a bit from your discussions, but you guys seem to be pretty knowledgible.
    My partner has an webmail address. Not register with MyAccounts with Telstra and uses a pre-paid wireless USB stick. Trying to loose this address completely. Cancelled it on the Webmail site but said that the address was part of a domain and to contact the administrator. Contacted Telstra who said that after checking that as there was no MyAccounts registered that the address was cancelled and any emails sent to it would bounce. This is not the case as it still gets emails. Can anyone tell me how to lose this web email address completely???

    Windows Live Mail is a piece of crap BLOATWARE!!! SO BLOODY UNSTABLE!

    1.) PERFORMANCE - It constantly crashes for seemingly no reason (with an empty error code 80% of the time). Overuses processor & RAM (even when its sitting as a background app or in the taskbar!!!) ITS SOOOOO BUGGY!!!! literally have to leave it for >30 seconds after EVERY OPERATION so it doesn't get overwhelmed and crash-out. One other thing... If your messenger service is off (often for security reasons), it is UNUSABLE (crash-out immediately).

    2.) POWER USERS - You can't edit directly in HTML... WHY?!?!? Seriously! - It's not that hard to implement such a BASIC feature (this is my main issue with the app). There's also an issue where TAB-ing just inserts a bunch of spaces which get stripped as whitespace (is it really that hard to code a non-breaking space? - heres the markup for you stupid devs! -   ). TOO many folders, sub-folders, sub-sub-folders etc. when you have multiple email addresses. You can only collapse ONE group (subject) of messages at a time (for people who have many subjects in the one folder this can get extremely annoying! - then next time it opens, they are all expanded again!!!! GRRRR!).

    3.) GUI - Very poorly laid out buttons, nonsensical menu hierarchy, very limited customisability... I think the only thing they got right was the ICON - it actually looks like a mail icon! **GASP!**

    For a program written by the CREATORS of the OS, How could they get it soooooo wrong???
    Or is Big Bill trying to get everyone to purchase MS Office instead? Why else would they make it so unusable?

    This is the last nail in the coffin for Microsoft. I am going to switch permanently to Mac/*Nix just so I have the peace of mind that my software will integrate properly with my OS and other software/tools. (This is not a negotiable point!)

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