Foxtel On Xbox 360 Dumps Data Charges For Telstra BigPond Customers

When Foxtel launched its Xbox 360 service last October, we couldn't help but point out that it would be an expensive undertaking given that all the data you used to watch would come out of your monthly cap. That has now changed for Telstra BigPond customers, who will get unmetered access to Foxtel on Xbox 360 TV services as of today.

Given that Telstra is a major shareholder in Foxtel, we're a tad surprised that coming to a deal took that long. The arrangement, announced in a press release sent out today, certainly makes the notion of Xbox-delivered Foxtel more appealing if you already a BigPond customer. Telstra is also adding its six BigPond TV channels to the service, and there's a free promotion for existing Xbox on 360 customers giving them free access to the Movie channels (which otherwise have a separate charging model).


    Unmetered xbox data, or just foxtel?
    Is the word Xbox supposed to be Foxtel?
    Otherwise, I love to play Xbox on my 360.

      Just Foxtel.

    Does one need to be a Foxtel customer to access this service? I am a BigPond customer but not a Foxtel one.

      No -- the point of the service is that it provides an alternative to a full Foxtel sub. Not a free one though!

    Now if they would hurry up and purchase Austar it would be a win-win.

    Im just out of the Gold Coast, have a BigPond ADSL2+ account a LIVE account, but in an area *not* served by Foxtel. Incidentally the "free demo" Skynews Channel (in the Foxtel app) streams perfectly!

      Just put in a different postcode when you sign up & you'll be fine - everyone's doing it...

    I think that this wouldn't include Bigpond Wireless Broadband (NextG). Please prove me wrong!

    This seems pretty freaking awesome.

    this headline should read "Telstra BigPond Dumps Data Charges For Foxtel On Xbox 360 Customers" instead of "Foxtel On Xbox 360 Dumps Data Charges For Telstra BigPond Customers"

    I heard somewhere that foxtel did just purchase austar, also I think I have been getting unmetered data for any xbox live data.

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