Parkmobile Pays For Parking Via Your Phone

Paying for parking is irritating enough without having to dig up suitable coins. Parkmobile lets you pay automatically via a mobile phone app, and even sends you a reminder 15 minutes before your spot is about to expire.

The main limitation is that this only becomes useful if your local council supports the app. Right now, it's functional in Clontarf and Shelley Beach in Sydney, and Carlton in Melbourne, but the developers say expansion to other locations is planned. In the US, where the service was originally developed, some areas add an extra transaction charge; fingers crossed that won't happen here.

Parkmobile is a free download for iOS and Android. A BlackBerry version is also under development. If you're just keen to find the cheapest spot possible, check out the Cheap Parking app for Android or iOS.



    What account is it charging -- do you enter credit card details, or PayPal or iTunes or something?

    I'm not sure if it's been implemented anywhere in Australia yet, but in the US they have parking meters that take credit cards which would be a huge leap forward from just using coins.
    Saying that, if there was a nation-wide app that all councils supported that would be awesome too, as no one really wants to have three or four apps for different councils in different cities supported.

      New Brisbane city council meters - which from what I've seen cover most of the CBD and the 2 hour parking radius, accept credit cards. They also have a system where you can pay via SMS (where you have to register a credit card first online etc), though I never use that because it costs 40c more. Paying via Credit Card is easy though, council cops complaints whenever lines are down though - they used to let you park free if CC wasn't working. Now you have to "find" coinage or use the mobile payments instead.

    Telstra used to have a pay by mobile option for parking in the city (Melb) - it got charged to your phone bill if I recall correctly.. That was really useful at the time - no hunting for coins.

    Many pay and display ticket machines take credit cards, at least in melbourne

    Hi Dee,
    There is a once-only set up where Parkmobile registers your credit card and . We have developed 'wallet' connectors into our software, however that's only in use overseas at this stage.

    This is all very backward compared to Zagreb (capital of Croatia). I was there 4 years ago and they had parking meters you paid for via sms - no signing up or limitations. Anybody could do it. This is a country which is far smaller than ours and far less well off.

    Hello Adam,
    Re your comment about this being a backward move. I have to disagree with you - Parkmobile's system is easier, quicker and cheaper than any SMS or meter based system particularly so when using the mobile app. for smart phones. For councils it offers the added advantage of reducing the numbers of unreliable, ugly and expensive meters from the street. Everyone is a winner! Once used there is no going back.

      Not quite true since councils can't (shouldn't?) limit parking spots to smart phone owners, they would still need to make the other methods and meters available.

    Yavuz / Stephen, In a way, you are both correct The guidelines from the NSW government currently state "parking authorities may use phone parking schemes only as a complimentary scheme alongside a new or existing meter, ticket or coupon parking scheme."

    If the council introduces coupon parking then meters can go.

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