Check Your Parking Job Using The IPhone’s Measure App

If you keep your car on the street instead of in a garage, making sure you’re not parked too close to another car, drive way or just out of the parking zone will likely be one of your most frequent headaches.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”iOS AR Measuring App Vs. Android: Which Is More Accurate?” excerpt=”iOS/Android: The second everyone started talking about this crazy new smartphone feature called “augmented reality”, I thought two things: Most AR apps and games are going to be gimmicky and I sure hope someone makes a great measuring app, because I keep misplacing my tape measure.”]

Driveway parking laws differ from state to state. In South Australia you must be 1.8 metres away from a drive way. NSW is far more lenient, with the rule only being “you can’t park on or across a driveway.”

To check your state and the rules about distance to the kerb or driveway check out this handy article.

But if you’d rather definitively ensure that you’re actually parked the proper distance away—and in the process, guarantee that you have proof in case you get an erroneous ticket—always use the measurement app on your phone. Set one dot to the closest edge of the driveway, one dot to your rear wheel or bumper, and make sure it is at least the proper distance away. Take a screenshot, and save it until you move your car out of its parking space, presumably ticket-free.


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