Cheap Parking For Android Finds Cheap Parking Spots

Android: Last year, we told you about Cheap Parking, a free iPhone app for locating the cheapest paid-for carparks in your vicinity. The app is now also available for Android, offering the same feature set of locating nearby carparks and letting you filter by facilities.

While the same data is available on the site, having it in app form could potentially be more convenient. Cheap Parking is a free download for Android devices.

Cheap Parking [Android Market via OzBargain]


    All the comments on the Android market say that it's shockingly bad. Pity...

    I was going to say, they didn't waste time in quoting Lifehacker as a reviewer:

    ...★"The Cheap Parking app helps you find a better-priced parking spot." LifeHacker...

    Then I realised that they don't mind applying reviews of their iPhone app to their Android app.

    I'm yet to find anyone who has managed to get this to work on Android...

    And they've taken it off the Market to fix it.

    worked ok on Galaxy S 2.2 till I went to update then forever updating. deleted.
    Crashes on Huawei Ideos 8150.

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