Cheap Parking Finds Parking Spots Near Your Location

Cheap Parking Finds Parking Spots Near Your Location

If you’re travelling in an unfamiliar area, it’s hard to know where the cheapest parking is and you can find yourself swinging into a $20-an-hour nightmare. The Cheap Parking app for iPhone lists car parking deals across Australia to help you find a better-priced parking spot.

As well as finding parking lots near your current location or a specified address and letting you sort them , Cheap Parking factors in the time of day you want to park so you can take advantage of early bird specials or other deals. You can also filter the list by fearures such as toilets or motorbike-friendly access.

Cheap Parking was previously a $3.99 app, but is now free. It’s currently an iPhone-only release, but you can access the same information via the site. If you’re using street parking and worried about patrols, check out the Mapkats app.

Cheap Parking


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