Red, Grey And White: The Screenwriter’s Workspace

Red, Grey And White: The Screenwriter’s Workspace

Today’s featured workspace is painted in a bold, sophisticated red and grey colour scheme. Flickr user and screenwriter SheriffShields has also decked out his home office with inspiring move posters and the tools that help him create.

Most of the furniture and accessories are black, which works well with this space. Here’s the view of the dual-monitor desk setup:

For more views of this office check out the Flickr set below.

Screenwriter’s Office [Flickr]


  • Nice chair! I want one, but doubt I will ever be able to justify the price… Even after considering the amount of time spent in it, and the comfort/time/cost ratio.

  • I took it for a Herman Miller Aeron, but you make a good point; clones and other cheaper substitutes would be a smarter buy.

    I’m not into chairs enough to know whether they stand up to the real thing, or whether the pictured chair above is one; I just assumed a successful screenwriter would equip himself with tax deductible luxuries like the Aeron. I would!

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