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  • In Pictures: Our Favourite Reader Workspaces

    In Pictures: Our Favourite Reader Workspaces

    Featured Workspace is a regular Lifehacker feature where we highlight the desktop setups where people work, play, relax and get stuff done. Over the past few years, we’ve looked at more workstations, battlestations and office spaces and gaming dens than we can count. Here are some of our personal favourites.

  • The Reclaimed Wood Workspace

    The Reclaimed Wood Workspace

    Today’s featured workspace has walls lined with reclaimed wood that its owner collected, dried and sanded, painted, oiled and sanded again. The walls are like art in themselves.

  • The Minimal Ultrawide Workspace

    The Minimal Ultrawide Workspace

    Over at the battlestations subreddit, repens picked up a shiny new ultrawide monitor and wanted to do something a little different with his desk to accomodate it. The end result is this good-looking, minimal, distraction-free setup.

  • The Steampunk Workspace For Two

    The Steampunk Workspace For Two

    Steampunk, that unique style that combines industrial antiques and technology, isn’t for everyone. Nonetheless, it’s hard not to appreciate how dedicated this couple has been to designing their home office to infuse it fully in the Steampunk style.