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Lainz's setup is unique in a few ways, one of which that he has a pair of speakers mounted to monitor arms just above his displays. Really offers that whole surround sound feel. Beyond that though, the setup has a few more neat surprises in store. Here are some more photos.


Every week, we highlight awesome workstations, battlestations, office spaces, and other tech'd out spots where people work, play, relax, and get stuff done. Here's a look back at your favourites from the past year.


Most students have to muddle by with the desk and furniture from their parents, but redditor themachu wanted something a little more personal. He grabbed an IKEA desk, stained it himself, and put together this sharp looking bench, topped with a Linux PC.


Redditor Tech__ just set up a new workspace, and it's gorgeous, blue, and behind the scenes connected through Google fibre. We're pretty sure they also work at Google. Let's look at some more photos.


Re_on has a gorgeous, huge window with a lovely view...so he set up his workspace right in front of it. It's beautiful, simple, and despite the lack of curtains, not a bad place to work. Let's check out some more photos.