Make Nigiri Sushi Quickly In An Ice Cube Tray

Make Nigiri Sushi Quickly In An Ice Cube Tray

Making sushi is fun but it can be time consuming, especially if you’re have a lot of guests. Bento weblog Lunch in a Box found a great way to make nigiri (hand-formed sushi) using an ice cube tray. Simply grease the ice cube tray with non-stick spray, put your topping on the bottom, spoon cooled sushi rice in each cube, cover the tray with plastic wrap, and chill in your refrigerator for five minutes.

After five minutes in the fridge place the tray face down on a cutting board and the nigiri should slide out easily. Wrap each one with a band of nori (seaweed) if you wish and it’s ready to serve.

Preparing sushi rice is easily the most time-consuming part of making sushi, but if you’re already making some for rolls now you have a way to crank out nigiri just as quickly as a making a roll with a bamboo mat.

Speed Bento – Ice Cube Tray Nigiri [Lunch in a Box]


  • I think you just need quick course on how to make sushi… this is in no way faster then doing massive rolls and cutting them after (if you not planing to use seaweed) thats actually ok option however its still not really faster then doing one roll with sushi mat

    • I’m not sure that you’ve got the point here. ‘Nori roll’-type sushi is different to Nigiri. The ice-cube tray idea is for clumsy people like me who spill rice everywhere (and therefore stick to making nori rolls). Here you’re puting the feature ingredient(s) in the bottom of the ‘cube’ and packing a sushi rice base on top of it. Turn it out and it’ll be look pretty much like nigiri made by someone with coordination, grace and skill (choose any two out of three).

      My only concern with this idea is finding something very neutral to do the spraying with. I’m not overly impressed with what comes out of the non-stick spray can in my kitchen – I’d prefer something less offensive when it will be in contact with food that isn’t going to be processed any further.

  • One important step that’s missing though is pressing down on the rice to compress it. Otherwise it just crumbles apart when you take it out.

    Probably *would* be better off just getting a nigiri mould (there are Japanese discount stores around, one in Melb city near Target and one in Sydney in Paddy’s Market) though to be honest, it’s really just another one purpose device to clog up your kitchen drawers if you don’t prepare it all that much.

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