Top 10 Gifts To Make For Father's Day

It's Father's Day this Sunday, but if you haven't organised a gift yet there's still time to make one yourself — an option that's more personal and can also save you some cash. Here are 10 of our favourite DIY projects that would make a great gift for your dad.

Most of these projects can be knocked up fairly speedily, though some require mildly esoteric parts or slightly specialised skills such as sewing or woodworking. Have fun and enjoy Father's Day!

The photo frame coffee sleeve

Keep Dad's fingers from burning and remind him of a favourite family member.

The pinhole camera

Sure, he's probably got a digital camera, but this has a DIY cool edge. It could be a could option to make with your kids and then give to dad/grandad.

The magazine chair

Even better if you can find a stash of your father's favourite mag.

Head-mounted water cannon

The title says it all, though you might want to wait until summer to use it.

Earbuds mounted in a hoodie

Yes, it's officially spring, but in many parts of Australia cool weather still predominates. Pick up a hoodie and a pair of earbuds and it's a great accessory for your dad's morning walk.

Xbox steering wheel

Brave the IKEA crowds and create a great accessory for a dad who loves racing games.

The chalkboard lunch bag

Encourage healthy eating, recycling and sharing all in one gift.

The puzzling security box

A great way for Dad to store his personal treasures.

Homemade candles

Ideal for the BBQ or bath-loving father, and the crock pot technique makes life much easier.

The necktie camera strap

Much better than just getting a tie (or, heaven forbid, socks).


    And you know that all of these will go into a gigantic contraption that mashes them up and shoots out a Super Cheap Auto giftcard at the end.

    Man, your dad likes weird stuff. I'll just be getting mine a bottle of scotch or a book.

    As a father hoping for some sweet little gadget or nicknack I will state categorically, that none of the above are on my wish list! Last pressy I got was a wooden model of my old Kwaka VN800, well not exact, but close... very nice, on display in plain sight too! #]

      @ Ecky, That's a great pressie to get!

      I don't have kids, but if I did, a wooden model of my Suzuki Intruder would go straight to the pool room!

        Suzuki you say eh! What year? The later models are getting a little too dressy for my taste! #]

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