Turn A Necktie Into A Camera Strap

Turn A Necktie Into A Camera Strap

For a more fashionable way to carry your camera, you can easily convert a tie into a camera strap. All you need is some sewing supplies and two keychain or split rings.

Ecouterre shows you how to measure, fold and stitch the tie, which is already perfectly shaped for this project. Sew on ribbon or webbing that connects to the keychain rings and voila! You’ve got a new, unique camera strap.

Recycle a Necktie Into a Camera Strap [ecouterre]


  • Cute idea but for my time and money the Crumpler Industry Disgrace camera strap is worth every penny – I’d say it looks fashionable and it’s nice and comfy!!!

  • This is a terrific idea if you are looking to preserve your virginity. Double protection if you are wearing a bluetooth headset at the same time. If this fine for as a short term solution. Long term, get the right tool for the job. =)

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