Dads Want Gadgets And Not Socks And Jocks For Fathers Day

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It's Fathers Day this Sunday and the tried and true socks and jocks are not high up on the list of gifts dads want. Research from Vend found that dads most want electronics and alcohol but that buyers were falling back to the usual gifts of socks and jocks.

According to Vend's research (it's not the most scientific poll - 300 people were surveyed last week) 40% of Australians surveyed said it was ‘hard’ or ‘very hard’ to buy the right Father’s Day gift. But dads don't seem to fussy with only 14% saying they had ever been disappointed with a Father’s Day gift. Almost two-thirds said they’re happy with anything and 16% who said they don’t mind getting something they dislike because it’s the thought that counts.

Kids in Queensland and New South Wales are the big spenders with just over a third planning to spend more than $100. South Australians seem to be the biggest tight-arses, with just 7% planning to spend $100.

More than four out of every five West Australians will be buying a gift but fewer that two-thirds of Victorians were planning to give their father a gift.

This kind of analysis is interesting as it shows there's a bit of disconnect between what gifts are desired and those that are purchased. While it's not particularly scientific as surveys go, it might help hone online and point of sale marketing efforts.

Here's the regional breakdown of the survey results.


  • 73% purchasing a gift
  • 36% giving them a card
  • 34% taking them out for a meal
  • 34% doing something special for them
  • 33% spending over $100


  • 69% purchasing a gift
  • 46% taking them out for a meal
  • 45% doing something special for them
  • 27% giving them a card
  • 34% spending over $100


  • 73% purchasing a gift
  • 60% taking them out for a meal
  • 40% giving them a card
  • 27% doing something special for them
  • 7% spending over $100


  • 64% purchasing a gift
  • 45% giving them a card
  • 36% taking them out for a meal
  • 31% doing something special for them
  • 19% spending over $100


  • 84% purchasing a gift
  • 37% doing something special for them
  • 32% taking them out for a meal
  • 21% giving them a card
  • 11% spending over $100

Just in case my kids read this - I'm all good for socks and jocks.


    Speak for yourself

    Perhaps its just the tightass in me (since i inevitably pay for it anyway), or that most of my socks and jocks need replacing anyway, or that i don't want crap gadgets i have no use for that just adds to clutter and i prefer to choose my own tech for compatibility reasons etc.

    Although this year I used early fathers day gift to justify buying snow gear at Aldi's sale for our snow trip (which unfortunately only lasted an hour cause my 3 year old has developed an issue with hating the wind just before the trip, but that's another story)

      Welcome to parenthood - it's all about the kids in the end.

      But I agree, I tend to buy my own gifts; the missues admits she knows zero about my tech wish-list and my kids are too young to understand/go out and buy them...

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