Easily Install A Pair Of Earbud Headphones In Your Hoodie

Want your headphones to be always-accessible in your favourite hoodie? It's easy to install them if you just know where to snip. Instructables user cobalt420 can show you how to embed a pair of earbuds into a hooded sweatshirt.This is really simple to do. You just take scissors and snip a couple of holes near your ears on the inside layer of the hood. You'll then need to do the same at the bottom of the hood. Finally, just feed the earbuds through the bottom hole and up through the top. If you want to make sure the holes you cut in your hood don't fray, you can take a needle and thread and sew up the edges.

For detailed instructions (with pictures!), hit up the full post over at Instructables.

Headphone hoodie [Instructables]


    Damn it's hot in here... but I love this song

    Don't where a hoodie and hide.
    Don't listen to earphones they are antisocial.

    This tip has a double whammy of bad things.

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