JB Hi-Fi Offering $100 Trade-In For Canon Buyers

If you're in the market for a new DSLR, JB Hi-Fi's current offer — a $100 trade-in for any camera, working or otherwise, if you buy new Canon kit — sounds like a good deal. Just make sure you do a little market research before splashing down your cash.

The deal runs until September 6, and you can only trade one camera per transaction. The cheapest offering in the bundle is an EOS 1100D with a twin lens pack, going for $748 after the trade-in.

Obviously the best value out of the deal is if the trade-in camera is essentially worthless. If it's functional, it might be worth double-checking on gadget seller sites such as ReGadget to see if you can score more money. I suspect in many cases you won't, but it's always worth checking.

The other thing you should do is check to see if you can score a better outright deal elsewhere. On quick search, I couldn't spot a better deal for the EOS 1100D with two lenses, but if you don't want to spend as much up-front, you can pick it up with just one lens for around $550. The EOS 60D, which JB is selling for $1196 with free shipping after trade-in, can also be had for $899 from Techrific. So shop around and consider your needs carefully.

JB Hi-Fi


    I wish that they'd do the same for iPods and other 'i' devices..

    Would you really trade in for a lousy $100?

      "any camera working or otherwise" - might be pretty tempting if you're looking to buy and have an old camera you want to get rid of.

      I have a 0.2 megapixel that takes smartcards and transfers over RS232 serial - I'd take $100 for it any day!

    ReGadget here. We don't offer instant pricing for many cameras (i.e. comes up with a $1.xx price). But please do submit them for a custom product quote or unique price -- we can offer more than $100 for many DSLRs.

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