Dealhacker: JB Hi-Fi's Price Blitz Deal Is Now On

For tonight only, JB Hi-Fi is slashing the prices on selected items including an additional 20 percent off when you purchase online. Here are some of the bargain highlights.

Until midnight tonight, JB Hi-Fi is selling a range of its wares at heavily discounted prices including a selection of online-only "Factory Scoop" deals.

Some of the deals that caught our eye include 50% off all Trend Micro software, Logitech's Harmony 200 Universal Remote for $12, Sennheiser MX880 In-Ear Headphones for $31.20 (RPP: $99) and a Samsung EX-2F high-end compact camera for $264 ($135 off).

Head over to JB Hi-FI's website to peruse the list of deals for yourself. Feel free to share any bargains you spot in the comments section below!


    I'm highly tempted to buy the Sennheisers but I just picked up a pair of Logitechs of a similar price range (80 RRP at DSE) for a similar discounted price of 30 odd dollars.

    Logitech’s Harmony 200 Universal Remote for $12

    The SRP is $15 and that's $12 + $5 shipping. How is that a deal?

    Last edited 20/08/13 8:13 pm

      They expect you to make multiple purchases......

      "Rocket surgery" :P

      We will have none of this you & your logic stuff!


      its SRP is normally $30

    Much appreciated!! Got the double din JVC head unit for my Mrs, which with a $50 voucher I had no idea what to do with, only cost me $100!! :D

      Thats a good unit. Bought the same for my wife a few weeks ago for $168 and very happy with it. It was a bargain at the price I got it, and an absolute steal for what you paid.

        Thanks, good to be reassured. I've always liked JVC for headunits. My car's headunit is JVC also.

    Suzuki Easy Rider Harmonica Pack on $6!

    Clearly the best deal of all time!

    Why they need to hold it on a Tuesday night is confusing...

      Why they need hold it on a Tuesday night when I'm not home to take advantage is confusing.

        Well, I took advantage of it and picked up a new pair of Seinnheiser headphones. But why do this on a Tuesday night, when say for instance a Thursday night or even over a weekend would have made more sense?

    Wow.. where was the advertising for this?? I didn't see anything until now.

    Yes.. on a Tuesday night.. completely out of nowhere (ie. no mass advertising etc)... very odd.

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