ReGadget Pays You For Old Phones And Other Gadgets

There are plenty of sites which offer cash for old mobile phones. ReGadget takes a similar approach, but expands the range of gadgets you can send in, covering phones, cameras, MP3 players and consoles.

The site works on the same model as its rivals: identify your item, get a quote, and then send it in to a freepost address. The sum is paid into your bank account once the gadget has been received and inspected.

Depending on your device, this may not be the optimum way to make money from it. For a 16GB iPhone 4 in good condition with original packaging, ReGadget offers $568.66. That's not chump change by any means, but as we established in a recent market check, you can likely sell an iPhone 4 for $700 or more on eBay.

That said, ReGadget's quoted price is higher than any of the other rival sites we examined during that research, and the option to dispose of items other than phones is appealing. Just check your other avenues before committing to a deal.

If you give ReGadget a go, tell us your experience in the comments. (Note: the site seems to be suffering from Lifehacker reader overload and is very up and down right now.)



    Is it me or can you also not find HTC under it?
    -I have an old QTEK, not a surprise they don't list those, but HTC?-

    I tried with my old iPods to see what I could get:

    First, my very first iPod, the 1st gen Mini:

    And then my old iPod classic that turns on but doesn't really work anymore:

    Bargain! Can't wait to deal with them.

    It looks like it was a bit too popular for its own good. It's only showing a page with "this account has been suspended".

    Hi all, our host just suspended us for a large traffic boost. We are working with them now and it should be back online soon. Will keep you all updated.

    Good to see i have to pay to dispose of my Bold 9700! Good site needless to say, i'll be flogging off some old Blackberries.

    Anyone got a site for Laptops?

      Dear Trent,

      Please feel free to request a unique price for your Blackberry (you would be looking at around $200). Regarding laptops, ReGadget will offer a price on a laptop through the "custom product quote" feature.

    I just send in my and my wife's old phones into Cash-a-Phone. I didn’t think at the time to shop around for any alternatives for better prices. Once ReGadget is back up, I’ll check out how much they would have offered me – though finding out now will only be academic, and potentially depressing.

      Sony Ericsson C702:
      ReGadget $1.15
      Cash-a-phone: $20

      Nokia 6500 Slide:
      ReGadget: $-don't know, website suffering 500 internal service errors-
      Cash-a-phone: $40

      Sorry guys, not looking promising here...

        Dear Sam, yes that is disappointing. We are working on upgrading our automatic pricing system, however, you could request a unique price using a button on the gadget page.

          Hi guys,

          Nice to see you are genuinely committed to provide a competitive service. I will definitely keep you guys in mind as an option for any other devices that get superseded from regular use.

          For the record, compared to Cash-a-phone, ReGadged GREATLY exceeded the offered amount for the Nokia 6500 Slide:

          Cash-a-phone: $40
          ReGadget: $~100 (depending on condition classification).

    The website is back online.

    After a couple of hours of server issues, we have migrated to a server with more resources so we should be up from now on.

    Regarding the negative prices, we are still tweaking the pricing algorithm, so we will be working on removing the negative pricing soon. In the mean time, please feel free to request a unique price for any gadget that you feel is priced incorrectly.


    Website is not up as at 9.15PM on 13th April.

    I just sent through a custom quote for my Dell.Axim x51 Advanced, I hope I get at least $90, since it has accessories with it as well :)

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