Do You Eat Breakfast In The Office?

Heading into work early to dodge the crowds whatever your form of commute, but it can be hard to muster up enthusiasm for a plate of muesli at five in the morning. My solution to this is to have breakfast once I hit the office, and I'm wondering how common an approach that is.

There's an argument for this approach (spacing your meals better) and an argument against (blurring the lines between work and home life). It also obviously varies depending on whether your employer is happy with the practice, and it generally presupposes that you're doing some kind of office work. Some people will be like me and make their own in the office; others will get takeaway. But I'm wondering:

Do you eat breakfast in the office?

You're welcome to pour out extra thoughts and spread evidence of your reasoning in the comments.


    Having a newborn at home, its easier and quieter for me to take breakfast to work, ill take weetbix and milk for the week and eat when i arrive..
    1 - i get to work earlier
    2 - I dont wake the baby.. :) the biggest bonus for me/wife.

    I used to eat cereal or muesli every day. Then I started noticing milk being left out and fridges not closed correctly and stopped trusting the office supply of milk. Now I usually just have a sandwich in the car.

    The only time I eat breakfast is when I do it in the office. I don't usually have a problem with other people doing it. But it irritates me slightly when I see people letting breakfast time eat in to the work day.

    Absolutely, eating breakfast at the office gives me an extra ten minutes of sleep in the morning.

    I tend to eat breakfast in the office. I keep a box of cereal in my desk and use the office milk (a practice sanctioned and encouraged by our director). I also periodically indulge in takeaway.

    There are a number of companies that provide breakfast for their staff, or who don't mind staff using the the company-provided milk/bread for their breakfasts as a means to further encourage staff to arrive on time or early. This can sometimes extend to provided lunches or dinners which can serve to keep staff at their desks when they'd normally be out of the office buying lunch, or staying late having already had their free dinner.

    As long as staff are aware that there might be some subtle psychology behind these otherwise pleasant perks, it should be embraced. I saved a lot of money thanks to provided breakfasts and lunches in a previous job.

    Geez and I thought that stupid ceral ad where one woman is trying to fry bacon at her desk rather than having nice convenient cereal was just being facetious. People really have a meal at work?

      Actually I have fried up bacon for a sandwich at work in the sandwich press, which works surprisingly well and is easy to clean up.

    Oh I hate you people! DON'T YOU PEOPLE HAVE HOMES! Eat it there. Why should I have to endure seeing people like you munching on their breakfast.

    If you come into work early, and eat in the lunch room i have no issue with this. If you get to work only just on time and eat whilst you are meant to be doing work I have a problem with this. USE YOUR HOME!

      I tend to agree with you Justin. I eat my breakfast in the lunchroom every morning, but i hate sitting at my desk listening to someone else eat cereal.

    always eat breakfast at work.
    unless i find something that looks good on the way to work lol

    I have cup-a-soup every morning - I always get to work early, and use that time to have something to eat and get ready to work. I'd rather leave home earlier and eat at work, if I'm delayed en route for some reason I can survive without breakfast and I'll still be at work on time.

    Having small kids leaves little "me time" so sometimes when I don't eat kids leftovers I go to subway (since 2close 2work) and let me tell you I go FOOT LONG with the LOT & they make good enough coffee too. When I get to work, there is usually no spectators for my breakky time. Otherwise its portable breakfast like nice thick tab of yoghurt & coffee at work.

    What about the "I work from home..." option?

    I hate dragging out the limbo between lovely lovely sleep and the nasty office. I just want to get there & get it started. So minimising time at home works for me. Plus you have something tasty to look forward to on the way to work.

    While I normally can't stomach anything before 10:00am, I do occasionally grab a bowl of quick oats porridge at work. I have the plastic bowls and the porridge satchets here for when I want it. :)

    I'm all about the english muffins at work. I used to be a muesli eater but again, questionable quality control of office milk made me switch.

    My office has a spare room with a treadmill, rower, exercise bike and a few free weights that we're able to use before and after work (ladies get exclusive use at lunchtime) and a shower onsite (again ladies only during work hours) so it's common for a couple of people to eat at work.

    Regarding Justin's comment:
    I dislike people eating at their desk (I do it when nobody else is in yet) but if you're cranky about productivity let them take it up in their performance review.

    Your options are too specific ;-)

    I eat my breakfast at work every day, but not my own supplies. My employer provides breakfast foods - muesli, muffins, raisin toast, oats and of course the coffee machine.

    Speaking of which ... *wanders off for a coffee*

    I get in early too to have brekkie. Gives me time to relax and settle in for the day. I usually have company provided Milo/Coffee w/ Milk with a muesli bar (my own supply). Fast, easy, no mess.

    I need my breakfast before I leave home, but my workplace provides cereal and milk in the tea room which quite a few people partake in.

    Up'n'Go is a great option for eating breakfast at work - keeps me going till morning tea where I would otherwise not eat at all

    Yes; half the time bring in from home, half the time buy out.

    Can't each much straight out of bed, and if I do, the bike ride makes it try to work it's way back up :-/

    I HATE when the office staff have breakfast at work!.
    Im the factory/production manager where I work. I have 30 staff under my direction.
    My staff come in, clock on and start work at 7:30. They and I get hammered by the big boss if we drag our feet and dont get started right away.
    But I watch the office staff wander into work, clock on, hang out in the kitchen, make breakfast, sit at their desk and eat it and not actually 'start' work for another half hour!
    Really pisses me off! Pisses my staff off too. Double standards!

      Warcroft... I'll tell you what my boss tells me when ever I complain about our warehouse/factory blokes getting paid overtime, leave loading, being able to sell back sick days for cash and basically having all care and no responsibility... He says... if you like what they have so much... put in for a job in the factory...

      I eat my breakfast at work... I get paid to be in my desk /office from 9-5pm. I work from 6am-4pm everyday... I sit at my desk and have breakfast and "lunch" while working. I feel no guilt. It's my choice.

      How do you know that someone isn't working just because they're eating? I can think and eat at the same time, can't you? I can also read and eat at the same time. I often eat breakfast and lunch at my desk (and occasionally dinner because unlike production staff I get no scheduled breaks and do lots of unpaid overtime before & after hours, even on weekends) but am usually working at the same time - reading documents, organising my call sheet, writing notes of calls made or sometimes just thinking and planning what I have to do next....I can do it all while eating.


        I have my breakfast and my coffee at my desk as I read through the emails that poured in the night before (international company).

        Officially my hours are 9-5 however I come in anytime between 7:30-10, and leave anytime between 4-8, depending on what my day looks like/meetings/etc - and sometimes meals just have to fit into that!

      I've been on both sides of the fence, I was a factory worker for many years before turning to IT.

      As a factory worker I got paid for EVERY minute I was at work, regardless...

      As an IT worker, I get paid a salary, I get there and leave when the work is done, no overtime, no scheduled breaks! I cant remember the last time I had a lunch break that wasn't interrupted by work.

      The multiple factory jobs I had were the easiest jobs I've ever had in my life!

    My company provides free breakfast (cereals, oats, toast, juice, milk). Their reasoning is to give a little something back to the employees and to make it more convenient for them. While definately do like it and part take in it, my belief is that it's a cheap way of getting 15-30 min of extra work out of an employee as most in our company turn up earlier for breakfast and once done tuck straight into work, but do NOT leave 15-30 min earlier at the end of the day

    Thing is, everybody has a justification for their own choices and behaviour, and judgement for the assumed choices made by others based on their observed behaviour.

    We've seen examples of both above:
    warcroft is angry with his(?) staff for eating at their desks based on the assumption that they are not working while they are eating.

    April eats at her(?) desk feeling fully justified in the knowledge that she is actively reading email received overnight - a part of her job.

    April shouldn't have to stand up before tucking into her meal to say "HEY EVERYONE, I'M JUST GOING TO EAT MY BREAKFAST WHILE READING EMAILS, OKAY?". As long as she is thoughtful of those around her by eating food that isn't distracting in sound or smell, I don't see why she shouldn't be able to eat at her desk without harassment or silent judgement.

    Perhaps managers like warcroft would be better served by making positive assumptions on the motives of their staff, rather than assuming that everyone is guilty until proven innocent. These sorts of situations can be alleviated by having company policy support one course of action over another. By providing meals or meal accoutrements, companies send the message that they're ok with staff eating at their desks. All of a sudden the angst evaporates. Companies that ban eating in the office will also put everyone on a level playing field, albeit one that feels a little more oppressive and doesn't smell quite as nice.

      Well said Jason.

      I should add that I am lucky enough to work in an environment where all employees are trusted and do not have to justify their behaviour.

      And yes, I am a 'her' :)

        +1 to you guys!

        I'm in the same situation, we don't have to justify our actions to anyone, the job gets done, we get paid. (Though I have been in a the helpdesk at a large bank where every second is watched and questioned).

        I think its down to the staff initially, we have a small team and are all good at what we do, so our manager doesn't have to be over our shoulders every second but a few of the other departments run around like children and take any opportunity to slack off or dodge work, so there manager is constantly on the case, watching like a hawk... with good justification!

    I hate people who can't be bothered being organised enough to eat at home before they come to work. They then clog up the kitchen area while I and others just want to get a cuppa tea. Lazy s-o-b's IMO.

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