What Did You Eat For Breakfast This Morning?

It's Monday. Again. For some of us, this means stumbling out of bed at the last possible moment with little more than a coffee to fuel our bodies. For others, it means a complete, healthy breakfast to kickstart the week ahead. Doubtlessly, most of you fall somewhere in-between. So what did you eat for breakfast this morning?

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The old adage about breakfast being the most important meal of the day is not necessarily accurate. With that said, attempting to tackle Monday on an empty stomach probably won't do wonders for your mood or productivity.

I'm somewhat infamous in the Lifehacker office for refusing to break fast — some days I get by on nothing but a V energy drink. One of my new year resolutions will be making time for breakfast. We recently looked at what constitutes a "complete" breakfast, but ain't nobody got time for that.

I'm generally curious to hear what you guys ate (or are eating) this morning for brekkie. Did you go for the stock-standard coffee and toast combo? Did you indulge in a cheeky McMuffin on the way to work? Or did you go all in with eggs, sausages and bacon — health consequences be damned? Let us know in the comments!


    2 x Poached Eggs, 2 Slices of Pane Di Casa, Low-Cal Butter, Long Black with dash of milk and 1 sugar - around 420 calories all up. At 10.30am I might have a piece of fruit if I'm feeling hungry, but in general this keeps me going till about 12.30 / 1pm

    We started with fruit salad (apple, banana, strawberry, mango, orange, kiwi fruit). We usually follow up with regular cereal (muesli) or an egg (fried/boiled/scrambled/omelette). Orange juice is optional. Today, we went for the Muesli, hold the OJ.

    Sardines on toast and two coffees.

    Will probably keep me going till lunch.

    Two slices of roasted tomato and a few rashers of bacon for me. (Washed down with a V, natch.)

    Cornflakes doused in bourbon.

    A croissant with raspberry jam and a cappuccino. Not my usual weekday fare but hey, I'm on holidays this week :D.

    Ordinarily though I tend to stick to what my work provides for breakfast - cereal or toast with a cup of green tea.

    A berocca and an apple on weekdays.
    3 young children, I fill their little tummies each morning but I'm usually drinking the berocca as I'm packing school bags, yelling "Put on your shoes" and applying my makeup. I'm a teacher so the apple is consumed while I'm setting up my classroom.
    Weekends I find a few more minutes to add some extra bread to the toaster for me.

    I drank baileys from a shoe, should keep mw going until about 1

      Why are you having lunch for breakfast?!?!?!! That's terrible.

    Fast Day = Cold Drip Coffee black w/o sugar.

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      Fast day too (5:2), so a single poached egg and a short black coffee. The scent of microwaved curries is now filtering through the cubicle farm, I'm going for a walk.
      Tomorrow, I'll have home made muesli (oats, barley, bran flakes, coconut threads, flaxseed and sunflower seeds with full cream milk, no fruit).

        Yeah I'm doing 5:2 as well, though with a fairly low calorie intake on my normal days as well (1500, but on weekends I don't count and give myself some leeway).

        That said on the 2, I usually skip breakfast or if I really am starving I will eat a banana, the goal for me is to provide 24 hours between my last meal to try and push my body into repair mode.

        Got any recipe suggestions for dinners on the 2? I'm always looking for new things to spice it up a bit.

          Miso soup with some leftover meat from the weekend (chicken this time) is always good, spiralized zucchini and as many veg as I can fit in the bowl. Actually, spiralized zucchini features on most dinners on a fast day, cauliflower 'rice' also.

          Keeping on topic, had some leftover bechamel on the weekend so did croque monsieur for Sunday brekkie, that's a treat.

            Mmmm, I'm gonna have to get onto this Miso stuff, I love my soups and this one seems like one that can be whipped up quickly. Great idea, thanks!.

    Toast with olive grove, a nice hot Milo, some grapes and a jasmine tea.


    two multigrain weetbix with skim milk and a cup of coffee

    My breakfast pretty much every day is:
    - about 200mL apple juice
    - Muesli: 45g Lowan's Swiss Muesli, 15g sultanas, 100g low fat unsweetened natural yoghurt, and a dash of milk
    - 1 cup coffee with milk and 1/2 teaspoon of sugar.

    Eaten around 6.30am/7am, Usually keeps me going until lunch at 12pm.

    An Up&Go in the car and a cup of coffee at work.

    Damn how does one get time to make all that in the morning - I usually only have cereal.

    Went to McDonalds - wholemeal English muffin with two eggs added.

    $3.80, reasonably healthy, ready quickly, and much cheaper than the cafe downstairs...

    Went a bit over the top this morning, even after waking up two hours late. Partner made a gluten-free (she's coeliac) brioche dough yesterday and proofed it overnight, so we got up and baked it. Had a couple slices with ricotta, maple syrup and fresh figs and a long black.

    Cottage cheese and spinach toasted wrap (made it myself)

    A small bowl of Jalna vanilla yoghurt with chopped up strawberries and a quarter of a cup of granola. Sounds boring but is actually really delicious and keeps me full.

    Four weetbix & breakfast juice. Every. Single. Morning. :D

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