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A survey of 1049 Australians by cheapflights.com.au suggests that when we choose holiday destinations, we're likely to pick a return visit to a familiar place over the exotic and unknown. 83 per cent of those surveyed said they were likely to visit the same place more than once, especially with domestic destinations. Does that apply to you?


eBay is celebrating 100 million downloads of its mobile apps with some weird statistics that prove people will spend a lot of money on vehicles via their phones. The most expensive item ever listed using a mobile device in Australia? A $45,700 caravan. The most expensive purchase? An $87,500 vintage US muscle car.


The names of technology releases are often anything but descriptive. Android distributions are christened after desserts (Ice Cream Sandwich); Mac OS X versions take their labels from big cats (Mountain Lion); Windows jumps arbitrarily between years (95), labels (XP) and numbers (8). Which do you prefer?


Multiple devices in the lounge room equates to multiple remote controls, which is never good for stress-free viewing. How do you ensure that your remote controls don't multiply and then hide themselves under the couch?


Mobile broadband is an increasingly popular option, and for work purposes it's certainly a much better choice than paying a fortune for hotel Internet or chewing through your phone's data allocation. But just who decides what mobile broadband gear ends up in the office?


Worry about weight and appearance is often portrayed as a female concern, with men blithely developing middle-aged spread while women stress and diet. However, a recent survey suggests that stressing over how we look is a man's problem as well.


Heading into work early to dodge the crowds whatever your form of commute, but it can be hard to muster up enthusiasm for a plate of muesli at five in the morning. My solution to this is to have breakfast once I hit the office, and I'm wondering how common an approach that is.


Last week, we asked readers how quickly they turned to their phones after waking, and the answer turns out to be: most of you hit your mobile before you've even had time to wipe the crusty stuff out of your eyes. A whopping 68.% of you said that checking your phone was "the very first thing you do". Add in the 10% who grab their phone as soon as they've been to the toilet, and it's clear that we don't want to be disconnected for long.


My grandfather worked in the same bank job from when he left school until he retired, but no-one expects to do that anymore. But what factors do you think might drive you to switch employers or career paths altogether?


We're always told not to share our passwords with others, but the rule is harder to apply when it's your significant other who wants to check those party details in your Gmail. Are you happy to share passwords and PIN codes with the love of your life?