Expensive Muesli Isn’t Necessarily Any Better For You

Muesli often looks healthy because of all the grains and fruit, but you may be kidding yourself about its nutritional value, especially if you’re paying for a premium variety. Choice tested 159 varieties of muesli and discovered that bargain-basement brands offer just as much nutritional value as some of their pricier counterparts.

The site offers summaries of options if you want a lower-fat, lower-sugar or higher-fibre choice, but if you’re after a generally well-balanced choice, the bargain Home Brand, Coles and Black & Gold options are just as good a choice. Home Brand muesli was my breakfast of choice back when I did Mastercheap, and I’ve stuck with it ever since, so it’s good to be reassured that it’s not a nutritional disaster.

Pricey brands can also have interesting secrets: Choice notes that boutique brand The Muesli has 37% fat content, which is more than a Quarter Pounder, though it’s healthier unsaturated fat so the comparison isn’t entirely relevant. Hit the full review for much more on choosing the right muesli for you.


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