The Google+ Cheatsheet Is A Quick Reference To Using Google+

Here's a handy quick reference with common things you should know about Google+, like how to prevent a post from being shared and hotkeys for more quickly navigating conversation streams.We love shortcuts and cheatsheets, and have been digging Google+ lately, so this reference created by Google+ user Simon Laustsen is pretty neat. It has already been translated into a dozen languages. As the cheatsheet says, you can help add more tips and tricks by sending Simon a message at his G+ page.

Here's the full image:

[via Mashable]


    Google Plus treats a +-mention differently to an @-mention. They're not one and the same and should be used in different circumstances. There's a good explanatory post here:

    I love when these things have a spelling mistake in them. But no Simon, i will not be sending you a massage.

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