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  • How to Send a Disappearing ‘Fleet’ on Twitter

    How to Send a Disappearing ‘Fleet’ on Twitter

    After several months in beta, Twitter’s “Fleets” feature is now rolling out to all iOS and Android users. Despite Twitter marketing Fleets as “disappearing” Tweets, they’re really yet another version of the popular “stories” feature found on most social media platforms (including LinkedIn, for some reason), featuring content that only sticks around for 24 hours.

  • How To Watch Instagram Live Feeds On Your Computer Or Television

    Now that we’re all spending a lot more time inside, we’ve got a lot more time to watch live content—and there’s suddenly a lot more live content to watch, especially on Instagram. Watching videos on your phone, however, isn’t always an ideal experience. But you can actually watch those Instagram Live videos from your computer,…

  • What Happens To Your Facebook Account When You Die?

    What Happens To Your Facebook Account When You Die?

    None of us like to think about our death or the death of a loved one, but it’s important to prepare for it. You don’t want to be stuck trying to get into a loved one’s Gmail or Facebook account to shut things down. This graphic shows you what you’re in for, and what you…

  • Why I’m Quitting Facebook

    I’ve been a heavy user of various social media platforms over the years. I started using Twitter and Facebook in 2007. And for much of that time, I’ve had good experiences and enjoyed sharing updates, photos and news with friends and family that are spread across the world. But the relationship has soured over that…