Briefly: Cheap Books, Beer Calorie Face-Off, Mario On iPhone?

Brief news items of note for Likehacker readers including: Nintendo to release 'free mini-games' on smartphone devices, get 10 per cent off any book purchase at the Book Depository, the calories in Australia's most popular beers.

  • Nintendo plans to use smartphones to win back a larger slice of the gaming pie, reports Japanese newspaper Nikkei. According to Nikkei's sources, the Japanese video game giant plans to release game trailers on smartphones as well as “free mini-games”. (Until now, Nintendo hasn’t made any gaming content available on smartphones.) If the newspaper is to be believed, an official announcement will be made later this week. [Via Kotaku]
  • For the coffee connoisseurs out there: here's everything you ever wanted to know about Kopi Luwak; an Indonesian coffee made out of a jungle animal’s poop. Insert Austen Powers "nutty" joke here.
  • In 1903, Olivia Wright conquered the airs as the first insect aviator to tame and pilot the great grasshoppers of North America. Click here to watch a six-second recreation of this historic event.
  • In addition to "free" shipping, the Book Depository is currently offering 10 per cent off any book purchase — no coupon code required.
  • Which Aussie beer has the most amount of calories? In a bid to find out, Pop Sugar Health & Fitness has compared seven of the country's most popular brands.
  • If you like animation, there's a pretty good chance that you love Pixar. But how well do you really know the company? This Buzzfeed video contains 13 interesting factoids that every fan should know.


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