Domino’s Pizza Has Launched A ‘Zero Click’ Instant Delivery App

Have you ever had a craving for pizza, but couldn’t be arsed going through the online ordering process? Apparently, you’re not alone: Domino’s Pizza is launching a new mobile app that instantly delivers your favourite pizza to your door when you open the app. If you have a Siri-equipped iPhone, you can arrange a delivery without so much as glancing at your phone. The future is pizza.

Domino’s new Zero Click pizza delivery app does exactly what it says on the tin. Customers simply open the app on their phone (either the old fashioned way or by voice activation) and wait for a 10-second countdown. The app will then place your favourite order or a choice of one of your four most recent orders.

The standalone app is linked to your Domino’s account which you need to log into before completing your first order. After that, the process is entirely automated. As mentioned, you can also use Siri to make instant orders with your voice by saying: “Hey Siri, open Zero Click.”

“By using voice activation we are providing a whole new way to order for our busy customers,” said Domino’s head cheese, Don Meij. “If they have their hands full at home with the kids, are on the run at work or commuting home they can simply say five words and their supreme or meatlovers pizza is on its way.”

We can see the appeal of this app, especially for drunk and hungry revelers who have temporarily lost the motor skills required to order pizza online. On the downside, we imagine it may lead to accidental orders, 10-second timer notwithstanding. Also, using the app means you’ll be missing out on weekly deals and limited-edition menu items.

Still, if you just want to order pizza with zero effort, the Zero Click app seems like a pretty decent solution.

You can download the free Zero Click app via Apple iTunes or Google Play.

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