Fluid Updates To 1.0, Is Now $US4.99 For Advanced Features

Mac OS X: Our favourite site-specific browser application Fluid, which turns web apps into standalone dock or menu bar applications, has gone through an entire rewrite, adding a number of bugfixes that bring the app to a "stable", 1.0 status, and (hopefully) positions for more frequent development in the future.You won't notice any huge differences immediately; it still has all the same features, though some of them have now become "pro" features that require a $US4.99 licence. You can still download Fluid for free, but if you want to separate your cookie storage for your apps, pin them to the OS X menu bar, or adding userscripts and userstyles, you'll need to download the pay version. Hit the link to check it out. [Fluid via @macstoriesnet]


    Fluid 1.0 allows you to place shortcuts anywhere. It also makes it easier to cycle through open web site applications rather than scrolling through several tabs in your browser (see: http://www.softwarecrew.com/2011/05/fluid-1-0-released-transforms-any-web-site-into-a-standalone-app/)

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