Grooveshark Desktop Is A Mac OS X Grooveshark Client

If you love Grooveshark and Mac OS X, you've got a great new unofficial client ready for download that provides the Grooveshark Desktop experience will adding themes and a mini player ala Bowtie.

The code is based on popular site-specific browser maker Fluid, allowing for a high level of customisability. You can change the window style, add userscripts, install ad-blocking functionality and do pretty much anything else Fluid allows. You also get a mini controller with multiple themes. Grooveshark Desktop can restored queued tracks from previous sessions, too. While it's not an enormous leap beyond the web app it does bring Grooveshark to your desktop with a healthy number of added niceties.

Grooveshark Desktop [via AddictiveTips]


    On a similar note, I was trying to work out a way of downloading Grooveshark music using my Mac and came across a wicked app called "SwingFish" (you can find it by googling the name or going to

    It basically loads Grooveshark in a seperate window and dumps any song you play as an MP3 into any folder you specify. Love this app and think it's worthy of its own Lifehacker article!

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