Kogan Enters The Low-End Android Tablet Space

Given founder Ruslan Kogan's enthusiasm for all things Android, it's surprising that it has taken this long for Kogan to finally enter the Android tablet market. Its new Agora 7" Tablet PC looks pretty much like a stock-standard Chinese clone tablet, running Android 2.2 and offering a capacitive-touch interface, and it's selling for a good but not truly remarkable price.Right now, Kogan is selling the tablet for around $139 through its LivePrice system. That is well below the price of similar offerings from (for example) Optus and Telstra. (The official "list price is $189.)

With that said, the first LivePrice batch isn't due to ship until May 27. If you don't fancy waiting that long, it's not hard to hunt down a similarly-configured no-name tablet for the same kind of price (a quick search shows a similar deal at Techrific for starters, albeit on a 1.6 Android release.)



    Note the Kogan includes a capacitive touch screen (1024 x 600), 512mb ram & 1ghz processor that neither the Optus or Telsta tablets do, nor I expect most (any?) chinese no name tablets available for the price. At a glance, this looks to campare with the 7" Galaxy Tab wifi... note the same CPU, ram, screen size/res/tech, dimensions, weight etc...

      Sounds like bargin. I wonder if it runs Flash or Adobe Air apps?

      Just bringing to your attention the fact that the Kogan site currently lists the device as having an 800x480 display. I put an order in yesterday when it was listed at 1024x600.

      The res drop is a massive change to my opinion and will be asking questions and probably get a refund if the device is indeed 800x480.

    Personally, I think you'd be crazy to buy an Android tablet that's not running Honeycomb. Just wait a couple of months...

      Can't you manually upgrade it to Honeycomb anyway?

        99% of these Chinese Tabs don't have the specs to upgrade. 3.0 really needs good dual core to run.

    Smolkowicz wow i would like to see if this really takes off

    At work we're going to buy three to play with, I mean at that price it's cheaper than a Graphics Calculator!

    I'm sure we'll find something to do with them.

      I was thinking this today at work.. We've been experimenting using Digital Photo frames for a few tasks, but these would be far more versatile and still perform a photo frame functionality.

    I'm very tempted to order one pity I don't have the $$ for it currently to get the cheaper live price.

    For the price of the device and what it offers it looks very good. Although Kogan have allegedly said it has a 3 hour battery life.

    is it one of these and if so it is not 1024x600 as stated on Kogan website


      If you actually read what you have linked to it is running a different CPU to what the Kogan one is and so they are not the same

        Kogan just changed their specs down to 800x480 (after I made my order).

        It probably is a rebadged Telepad 7c, and I wouldn't trust Kogan about the CPU either.

    Bought one to try at $139 (plus 16.90 delivery) as it certainly has much better specs than the other tablets available at the level (Cap screen, battery, ram, etc etc). Worth a shot!

    could you please confirm/deny if lifehacker has a commercial arrangement with kogan?

      No commercial arrangement in place.

    Does anyone has information regarding this table able to run Adobe Flash 10.1 or Adobe Flash 10.2, or not? Or can you install it?

    Because some Android 2.2 device (like LG Optimus One) can not run Adobe Flash 10, because incompatible CPU.

    Anyone has info regarding this matter?

    Thank You very much

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