Kogan Goes Sub-$200 With Ice Cream Sandwich Android Tablet

Kogan Goes Sub-$200 With Ice Cream Sandwich Android Tablet

Kogan’s previous excursions into bargain Android tablets have had mixed results, but this could be an interesting deal if the specs stay consistent: a 10-inch tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich, selling at $179 for an 8GB model or $199 for a 16GB version.

Kogan says that the product was designed in Melbourne, presumably meaning it’s not literally a rebranded mass-market tablet like some earlier models. It has a capacitive touchscreen and a 2MP camera (plus a lower-res front option). Powering the beast is a 1.2GHz Cortex A8 processor. There are USB and microSD inputs, along with HDMI out and headphone jacks.

The first batch aren’t shipping until June 25, and Kogan is describing the current price as a “pre-sale” special, though it doesn’t use the shifting Live Price model Kogan sometimes deploys. The $20 price difference for twice the memory looks like a classic example of the decoy effect: offering a cheaper option but expecting most people to go for the second-cheapest deal. (Note also you will have to pay for delivery.)



  • I don’t understand – if a tablet (or even phone) keeps it simple…no superfluous ports or UI elements, why can’t you just upgrade to the vanilla version of the next Android OS?

    How long has it been now? Why should the next version of an OS be a selling point? Why shouldn’t existing tablet owners just be able to upgrade their software without buying a new one?

    I mean if it contained specialized keyboards or weird innovations sure, but all android tablets from the last few years seem pretty standard? Am I missing something?

      • Wow! all I said was ‘you are missing something’ and that was deemed inappropriate…?

        True, existing owners should be able to just upgrade, but you know if something comes out with Android Doughnut 1.6, then its processing power has to be extremely limited…

    • Version 4.0 was a significant upgrade and requires better hardware to run smoothly along with more partition space. Many of the older devices don’t have this. That is what you are missing.

      The differences between the versions is so large it is like expecting an upgrade from Windows 3.1 to Windows 7.

  • Not sure about the Kogan tablets, I believe they are pretty vanilla, but what happens is that vendors put a proprietary version of Android with their own features and extensions, and the updater looks only for the specific vendors firmware. It’s not a big thing to root/jailbreak a lot of Android stuff, but it’s still a techy thing to do, so the average consumer would be waiting for updates from the equipment manufacturer, or upgrading hardware.

  • +1 Please review this

    Like the look of the device but never used anything with capacitive screen before and don’t know the build quality, etc. Would be great to get a respected opinion on the device before purchasing.

  • Just to be clear – a 1.2GHz single core A8 cpu is does not classify as a ‘beast’ 🙂

    A quad core A15 would classify as a beast 🙂

  • Can it stream video over WiFi, browse the internet, and not be too sluggish? If it can, I’ll get one. Will wait for a review, though.

  • so tempting… must resist reloading pre-paid debit card waiting 24-hours… entering transaction details and waiting til 26th of july to receive

  • You get what you pay for. Also I never understood why people think iPad and gtab look the same. One is 4×3 the other is 16×9. You’d have to be a retard to confuse that. So what they both have black bezels

  • Kogan’s “Agora” tablet (7 inch) also had a capacitive touchscreen. I actually bought one for a bit over $200 when they first arrived. What a mistake. The screen was awful (both visually and touch-wise) and the unit ran like a dog. Obviously, I got what I paid for, but it was a truly terrible piece of hardware. Here’s hoping Kogan’s learned it’s lessons…

  • Would that be the Agora tablet that looked just wonderful in the videos on Kogan’s website – responsive, clear, vibrant colours – but looked and felt like snot-smeared aquarium glass in real life?

    Sorry, Kogan. You don’t get second chances.

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