Kogan Launches 8-Inch And 10-Inch Android Tablets

Kogan's initial foray into the Android tablet market wasn't without controversy, but seems to have gone well enough to see it expand its range (despite having also moved into selling third-party tablets). Kogan will be shipping 8 and 10 inch Android tablets from early November, with both running Android 2.3 rather than Honeycomb.

Both models are being sold through Kogan's LivePrice system; the 8-inch model is currently just under $150, with a standard price of $229, while the 10-inch version is $190 with a standard price of $190. Alex at Gizmodo has already checked out the 10-inch model and reckons it works OK, but the pricing reflects the performance; check out his review for all the details.



    "$190 with a standard price of $190"
    The standard price for the 10-inch appears to be $269

    I don't think there's enough kids with aspergers to buy these and still give Kogan that bump in profit he wants.

    Has anyone looked in specifications and seen the battery life for these? the 7" model offers 3hrs with general use, and the 8" has the same battery and specs bar the screen size. I wanted one to read lecture notes on but 3hrs isn't enough. Or would general use be described as watching a move with sounds or playing games? Might need to send an email

    How useless. If you're going to build a tablet that big at least put the right version of the OS on it.

    Pros: Its cheap as all hell.
    Cons: Android 2.3, welcome to the past!

    May as well just buy an even cheaper tablet from one of the other billion cheap-companies selling 7-10" Android 2.x tablets for next to nothing.

    I agree, the battery life is woeful, worse yet, the feature set and os revision would suggest that internally its just a budget android smartphone without the phone and with a bigger screen.

    I bought one of the 7" tablets and got so frustrated with it. The issues I had were:

    fact that the touchscreen is unresponsive, it runs a phone OS and everything is just scaled up, it's slow and the battery runs out in a da

    I bought one of the 7" tablets running Froyo and got so frustrated with it that I gave it away.

    The issues I had were:
    1.The touchscreen is unresponsive
    2. It runs a phone OS and everything is just scaled up
    3. It's slow... really slow.
    4. The battery runs out in a day even when it's on standby

    It actually made me hate Android because the device was so crap... and really appreciate the iPad 2 I bought. I know it's not a fair comparison and all but I guess that was my perception at the time.

      What do you expect, you're comparing something that is no doubt a cheap shitty chinese knockoff to something professionally made. Kinda unfair to compare the two.

    i got the 7" and have not bothered to use it for ages as it is so frustrating. if I web surf for an hour or more, it sometimes starts to " auto surf", randomly opening a link on a page, then on the the next page and on and on.
    battery lasts two hours. i just kept it plugged in.
    i contacted Kogan but no reply.
    touch screen is frustrating to use.
    on the other hand, i got a convection microwave oven from Kogan which works perfectly and was v cheap.

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