Telstra Android Tablet On Sale November 2

The Android tablet market continues to expand. Telstra's T-Touch Tab goes on sale November 2, with a $299 price tag that includes 3GB of prepaid mobile data.

The tablet has a seven-inch screen , though disappointingly it's running Android 2.1 rather than 2.2 The rates charged for prepaid data are the same as for Telstra's mobile broadband, which got updated last week. Telstra says it will also eventually offer a postpaid plan for the device, but at $299 buying outright seems like a pretty reasonable move if you want an Android tablet.



    any specs?

      Resistive screen. That's the only spec you need to know.

      It is a re-branded Huawei S7. 800x480 display, resistive screen, 2MP back camera, .3MP! front camera, 768MHz snapdragon processor. There are a couple of reviews around, the opinion seems to be cheap, flimsy and buggy. But at the price it at least has a decent processor, unlike the rockchip based units that float around eBay.

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